Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday Freakout

Before I begin, I would like to invite my Muslim brethren to indulge in a pulled pork sandwich and/or a cider or beer (don't drink and drive). Now before someone shouts: "Onomatopoeia - or whatever your name is- Muslims don't eat pork!" or "Stop being an instigator and forget that they're planning on building a mosque where their co-religionists killed three thousand people!", know that I am as sincere as a pumpkin patch and am extending my hand in friendship. Is there no greater way to extend friendship than offering a meal? Perhaps if wayward Muslims could put down their makeshift bombs and eat with others they would forget that attempting to kill reigning pontiffs and other "infidels" (as they willfully call them with no attempts on the left to curb such insolence) is Koranic order of the day and move on to less volatile habits. What say you, brothers?

Far be it for apologists of Islamofascism and girl-murderers and others who consider children to be "Papist atrocities" but I digress...

Or digest...

Moving on....

Ezra Levant defends the oil sands...because he's awesome.

Proof that people are thin-skinned and liberals have as much human feeling as Eichmann:

In their failed effort to railroad Free Dominion the Jackbooted Deviants at the Canadian Human Rights Commission cited the following "potential hate crime", a Flyer entitled "Does Mohammed merit criticism" which was erroneously attributed to the Freedo site.

The Flyer contained one of the "Mohammed Cartoons" as well as a picture of a Christian Girl who had been beheaded by Savage Bloodthirsty Muslims in Indonesia. I quote from the intake document:

"...there was a flyer that was was distributed in mailboxes in her neighborhood in Saskatoon Saskatchewan that showed 3 controversial pictures that degraded the muslims. Also in the flyer the writer states that the Islam religion is becoming one of the fastest growing and potentially most violent religions..."

Controversial? You mean the picture of the poor Christian Child beheaded by Homicidal Muslims? That's somehow degrading to Muslims? What about the poor girl? Wasn't she degraded? It's controversial for stating the fact that Islam is the most violent
religion? What sort of deviants work at the CHRC? What is it within their twisted worldview that propels them to defend the barbarity of Islam yet attack Christians with such evil fervour?

As appalling as this is, we need to see. We should have no illusions as to who we are dealing with.

Now, it's pulled pork sandwich time...

Ciao (chow).


Anonymous said...

A cartoonist draws an image of Muhammed, and there are threats and violence.

Six (the number climbed) men get arrested for a attempting to threaten or even harm the pope... and the masses are silent. There are no riots. No threats of retaliation.

That is the big different between Islam and any other religion. People who claim it is a "religion of peace" should consider that.

~Your Brother~

Osumashi Kinyobe said...

People don't know who they are dealing with.
The bombs were intended to hurt or kill those going to see the Pope.
September 11th wasn't enough for the sad little dhimmis and Catholic haters. They are cowards and bigots.