Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Mad Lib (erals)

Have you heard things like these:

* "...white privilege.."

* "...(I) am angry and frustrated at your refusal to acknowledge my issues, and I could have bought a gun. NOW will you pay attention?" 

* "...I don't think you grasp the trends that the next generation of voters is showing. Like any dying movement, there will be the inevitable death gasps and denial, but (like the efforts to put government into the bedroom and to deny equal rights to same-sex couples) you're on the wrong side of the long-term voting trends."

* " This is the exact same garbage that those who guilt, shame, and berate homosexuals are now raising in response to the effect that has had on gays and lesbians... justifying their own bigotry by assuming the social atmosphere they work so hard to create is a natural consequence of the very things they're demonizing; essentially blaming the victim."

"And here we have another example of the patriarchal-centric view of history that discounts, ignores, and denies the contributions of anyone but the white male."

"Guilt is a feeling, invented by people who need to suppress and control other people through their very real emotions. You can't have guilt without outside influence. Therefore, if there is guilt, there had been intervention of some kind."

Sure, you have. It's all a part of the leftist vernacular, a template for spiting all the things they don't like or understand.

And it's tiresome!

But don't let it get you down. Have fun with it. Why not Mad Lib it?! Predict and have fun with euphemisms and fabrications so transparent a child could see through them. Just fill in the blanks with some choice phrases and watch the hours fly by!

"As a  (name of a glorified occupation or hobby- not a real one), I am (strong emotion) that (conservative, religious or non-profit personage or group) has (verb). This is clearly an example of (overly embellished societal wrong). I have (indefinite article- spelling is not important) (racial, cultural or perceived marginalised descriptor) (relationship to- not less than zero but not exceeding one) and I can tell you that (overly embellished societal wrong) is a (word for something bad). I blame this on the following: (a country south of Canada but north of Mexico), (a religion of Judeo-Christian) and (a country that rhymes with Bisrael). Their (word for something bad) policies have (verb) for (period of time). (Percentage- number doesn't have to be accurate) of people agree with me and not with (subject personage or group). I will (verb) to my (activist or special-interest group) and see if we can get the (nationality) government to (verb) (noun indicating policy or law) to (verb) this (overly embellished societal wrong)."

Use this game for weddings, birthdays or traveling to one's favourite holiday spot. It's hours of fun for the whole family.

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