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For it is after Monday.

It just gets richer:

dan kellar on Nov 13, 2010 at 05:51 PM
i would not say the audience lashed out on protectors, there was about 4 old white men yelling, a few old white ladies, but more of the audience were supporting the protests, and the blocking of racist propaganda being spit at our school by an uncritical hack journalist who apologizes for racists, and nazis and writes xenophobic things.
the facts were presented in hand-out form for those who would take them. the integrity of the school was put at risk by allowing the event to be announced.

Let me see if I understand this. This alleged student contends that people supported his childish outburst against a columnist whose book I'm sure he hasn't read and he did it for the good of his school? I've heard lots of delusional things before and this is no different. If I were the dean, I would find a legal way to cut this dead-weight loose. It's clear he hasn't learned the basics of English grammar, the art of civil discourse and hasn't read Miss Blatchford's book.

Ladies and gentlemen, Christie Blatchford:

On February 28, 2006, a handful of protesters from the Six Nations reserve walked onto the Douglas Creek Estates (DCE) construction site in Caledonia, Ont., and blocked workers from entering. It was the start of a lawless occupation that is now in its fifth year, with no resolution in sight....
Almost overnight, officers stopping cars without licence plates or with invalid tags, or making other arrests, found themselves being asked, when they first called in the information over the radio, a single shocking question: "Are the occupants white or non-white?" If the answer was "non-white," meaning native, the reply from the command post would be, "Get their names, disengage and if there are any charges to be laid, you can lay them later." 

This rule of non-engagement also affected officers from the Six Nations Police, the first stand-alone Aboriginal police force in Canada and a proud, tough and professional unit. Before the occupation, the two forces had an agreeable working arrangement: If the local OPP was short, Six Nations would lend a hand, and vice versa. But now, Six Nations officers who came into town to back up the OPP also learned when to walk away. 

An infamous incident happened early one night behind the Kentucky Fried Chicken on Argyle Street, where there was a bit of a dustup involving both Six Nations and Caledonia kids. A Six Nations Police officer arrived to find a Six Nations youth "all but spitting in the face of this OPP officer," who was, in the first officer's view, "standing there and doing nothing." The Six Nations officer later told a colleague about it, saying, "He's not on [Douglas Creek Estates (DCE)], he's not on the reserve, he's a fucking ass-hole, arrest him!" But, like his OPP colleague and against every instinct in his body, the Six Nations officer also left without making an arrest. 

Sidebar: Have you purchased Helpless for a loved one this Christmas? You should.

Related: Carleton University bans pro-life club. It is time to stop subsidising universities.

Groping the friendly skies:

So here are your airport choices: submit to sexual molestation or spread your legs, hands over head, and get radiated while some TSA guys down the hall check out your naked body.

 To use the overused line, the terrorists have won.

Somewhere, wherever, Osama bin Laden revels in how he’s cowed and humiliated all of us once tough, brave, freedom-loving Americans. I just can’t believe we’re letting the government get away with this baloney.

Think about this, you fools who actually believe naked scanning and crotch grabbing will prevent future terrorists attacks. Think about your 15-year-old daughter’s breasts being squeezed by some stranger.

Think about your pregnant wife being X-rayed, which damages the unborn. Many scientists insist scanners will also increase cancer risk in small children and adolescents. Think of those already sexually molested now facing a public, government-sponsored molestation anytime they take the shuttle to New York.

It's bad enough terrorists have made passengers nervous and we have to remove practically anything packed on or off our person but now we have given the politically correct busybodies the power to grab our bums. No. Way. Either do what the Israelis do or start issuing Xanax to all airport workers because after being made to unpack bags, remove shoes and belts and then being grabbed inappropriately, I'm sure there will be a lot of rage-filled passengers.

Stupid comment of the day:

Grope sessions? LOL! I know a few people who'd line up over and over for this -- without a ticket to go anywhere!

Bottom line, folks: if you're stuck on "modesty," then don't travel. Your choice. 

Where do I start with this bit of stupidity or should I even bother? I might as well. Perhaps this sad little person is so desperately lonely that any human contact might do. Maybe, I don't know and I don't want to know. Or maybe the frustrated adolescent doesn't understand that grown-ups need to go on those big flying machines in order to get to places where Barbie cars can't go.

I've parsed this enough.

Fertility agency president is a total cow. Who knew?

Canada’s controversial fertility agency is headed by a president who intimidates the board members overseeing her work, makes disparaging remarks about fertility patients and seems eager to undermine the very law she is supposed to enforce, a parliamentary committee heard on Tuesday.

Three former directors of Assisted Human Reproduction Canada offered their first, in-depth account of why they quit the body earlier this year, pointing their fingers jointly at Elinor Wilson. They painted the agency’s CEO as a domineering bureaucrat who brooks little dissent and appears to question one of the most basic tenets of reproductive law: the criminal ban on selling sperm, eggs and embryos.

The former board members also complained that Ms. Wilson often balked at divulging details of how the organization was spending millions of tax dollars, failing even to vet the 2008-09 budget with directors.

“Through various acts of omission and commission, the agency either failed to promote the principles outlined in the Assisted Human Reproduction Act, or appeared to actively undermine those principles,” said Prof. Fran├žoise Baylis, a bioethicist at Dalhousie University.

Making and selling designer babies is an industry. None of this should come as a surprise, really.

So, I got up and walked across to the douche’s table. I startled him. I asked him if he was making fun of a baby with Downs on the phone and I inquired to whom he was speaking.

“Is that your mom? Are you and your mom mocking a baby and talking about how his mother should have aborted him? Are you using the fact she chose to have that little guy as a reason to claim his mother is stupid? Is this what you and your mom are talking about, really?”.

“For your information, this is a private conversation. I was not talking to you. I am talking to my boyfriend”.

“Well, stud, you are having this conversation in public, in my presence, so for your information it became my business when you started making fun of a two year old..."

There is going to be a special episode of "Glee" about this, right? 


A blockbuster. Who knew?

If this woman is a Christian, I'm sure this will be for nothing:
Indonesia's president wants justice for a domestic worker who was allegedly tortured by her employers in Saudi Arabia.
The 23-year-old maid, Sumiati binti Salan Mustapa, has been hospitalized in Medina since Nov. 8, with burns all over her body, a fractured middle finger and cuts around her lips, reportedly made by scissors.

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono said during a Cabinet meeting Tuesday in Jakarta that the "extraordinary torture" needs to be investigated.

"I want the law to be upheld and to see an all-out diplomatic effort."

More than 80,000 Indonesian domestic workers flock to Saudi Arabia every year. Rights groups say they, and other migrant workers, at times face slavery-like conditions and sexual abuse.

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