Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Mid-Week Post

How do you take your tea, Democrats? With lemon? Because it is bitter? Bitter like defeat!

The Tea Party movement: Winner. After shaking up the Republican establishment during the primary season, Tea Party activists put their anger and energy to work and helped dozens of conservative Senate and House candidates get elected on Tuesday night. The Republican leadership will ignore Tea Party calls for deep spending cuts at its peril.

While many attacked the American electorate as "stupid", "not appreciating what was done for them" or "fearful", it's more than likely that unemployed, over-taxed Americans no longer buy the hype that helped get Obama into office. His olive branch sentiments after these elections now fall on deaf ears. Two years of waste can't be forgotten or forgiven.

Gordon Campbell resigns. Oh well.

Mark Steyn on "The Michael Coren Show" recap: the West is a decayed, decadent shadow of itself that needs to recover what made it great before Islamofascists and their sniveling apologists ruin it for good. Words to that effect. Just watch.


Anonymous said...

Ended up after reading your comment on Thesauros' blog, but I am going to comment on this post of yours because I find it hilarious each time I read Americans write about how they are "over-taxed Americans".

Let me give you one example... Norway. It's considered to be one of the best counrty in the world; rich, fun to live in, safe, educated, etc... want to guess what the tax sale is? ;)

...but I am not American, so I don't really care obviously, and will simply continue to watch the hilarious "right" VS "extreme right" debate continue! In other words, you guys have no "left", no "socialist", none of that, but you are still scared that evil communist will come eat your babies, lol.

Osumashi Kinyobe said...

Watching the colourful foment in the US, I couldn't help but wonder as a Canadian when I would see our own tea party.


Apparently, Norwegians pay 12 to 24 percent VAT on things.

Are there socialists? Yes, and no one really values them for good reasons.

Thanks for posting.