Friday, April 08, 2011

It's Friday

Some stuff to mull over the week-end.

Some who can, do. Some who can't, tell others what to do. Watch the train wreck:

On this, Dr Power elaborates, highlighting another benefit of the egalitarian ideal: “In principle then, there is no reason why a teacher is smarter than his or her student, or why educators shouldn’t be able to learn alongside pupils in a shared ignorance.” 

I'll tell you why it won't work, oh "learned ones". If a student knew everything, he wouldn't be a student. No one would have to pay somebody whose patience, understanding and knowledge could mould an impressionable mind into a keen one. No, I'm not referring to Wisconsin teachers who bolt on a whim. I'm referring to people who are true educators, those who stay after school, mark assignments and actually know and care about their students. What a perfect way to create a series of proles than to assume all teachers are (or should be) as ignorant as their students and that all students have equal capacity for anything and everything. Is that so? There will be an excess of neurosurgeon cowboy artists then? Perhaps in Shangri-la but not in the real world.

What's yours is mine and what is mine is also mine.  Win-win for some.

Father cuts the throat of his daughter to "preserve honour". Culture matters.

Gwyneth Paltrow and Scarlett Johansson cement the need for Celebrity Apartheid Week by defending a corporation that hides child abuse.

Gaza "seethes" (as usual) at Israel for having the audacity to defend itself:

Israeli air strikes in the Gaza Strip killed three militants from the Islamist group Hamas and three Palestinian civilians on Friday, in a second day of a fresh upsurge in the conflict.

At least 29 Palestinians have been killed since the latest spasm of violence erupted on March 20, with 11 killed over the past two days by Israeli action after an attack on a school bus which injured two Israelis including a teenager.

Israel has an apartheid week just to itself. Discuss.

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