Monday, April 11, 2011

A New Post for a New Monday

The cat's mad.

Not only did the bloggers concerned do the leg work (so to speak) and not get credited for it, there is the little matter of a total lack of logical and moral revulsion:

This is a classic media trajectory: Something goofy happens - in this case, a prominent Muslim organization posts a David Duke video; a couple of bloggers start looking into it, and a week later the snooty old legacy media picks up the story after all the legwork's been done for them....  

So, of course, Bernie with his reflex urge to censor immediately reaches for the, ooh, naughty "hate law" violation. It shouldn't be illegal for Muslims to post David Duke videos if they happen to like them. Which these guys clearly do. The real issue, as Blazing Cat Fur points out, is how plugged in this Muslim organization is to everyone who matters in Trudeaupia - photo ops with Liberal MPs, Toronto's police chief, the NDP leader... How disgusting does a "mainstream" Muslim organization have to be for Bill Blair and Jack Layton to decline to be photographed with them? 

The hater in question is a white bigot who now happens to be embraced by a Muslim group. Is he now too big to throw under a bus? Is he protected by an invisible force-field of impunity? Who will fend off these fanatics with a stick?

(hat tips all around)

A treasure trove of thoughtful articles at American Thinker including terrorism that dare not speak its name, risks the abortion industry would rather not mention and stupid people call Easter eggs 'spring spheres' because calling them the former might cause offense to absolutely no one.

Shut up, China:

The United States is beset by violence, racism and torture and has no authority to condemn other governments' human rights problems, China said on Sunday, countering U.S. criticism of Beijing's crackdown.

The row between Beijing and Washington over human rights has intensified since China's ruling Communist Party extended its clampdown on dissidents and rights activists, a move which has sparked an outcry from Washington and other Western governments.

When the United States arrests people for partaking in religious services, kills political prisoners and uses their organs, exploits labourers, gives poisoned milk to children and sends North Koreans back to be killed, THEN you can criticise your largest trading partner.

Some defy the French veil ban because a caliphate along the French Riviera sounds like a nice idea.

And now, a real trooper- a boy without hands wins a penmanship award.

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