Friday, April 22, 2011

Thursday Post

Guts are only for elected people:

The spectre of a hidden social conservative agenda forced the Harper government's tightly-scripted election campaign into damage control mode Thursday in an attempt to keep the divisive abortion issue off the table.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper's chief spokesman summoned reporters to the lobby of a Newfoundland hotel early Thursday to offer unsolicited comment about a Toronto Star and Le Devoir story about a Saskatchewan MP that apparently went badly off message.

Spokesman Dimitri Soudas's impromptu scrum at 12:30 a.m. was sparked by reports that quoted a Conservative Saskatchewan backbencher bragging in a weekend speech that International Planned Parenthood Federation had its funding blocked because it supported abortion.

Candidate Brad Trost reportedly told a pro-life meeting in Saskatchewan that the efforts of the movement had likely denied the organization funding after decades of receiving it.

A recording of Trost's remarks was obtained by the Liberals and given to the media.

(Sidebar: if the Liberals use this against the Tories, that would only make the Tories more appealing.)

What Trost said:

“Those petitions were very, very useful and they were part of what we used to defund Planned Parenthood because it has been an absolute disgrace that that organization and several others like it have been receiving one penny of Canadian taxpayers dollars,” Trost said.

Why not defund Planned Parenthood? They don't need public money to exploit minors.

(hat tips all around)

Baby Joseph is breathing on his own, no thanks to Canada's "universal healthcare" system.

The Holy Father asks we get right with God this Holy season:

Pope Benedict lamented the widespread abandonment of religion in Western countries at a Holy Thursday ceremony, saying the heartlands of Christianity were turning away from their faith.

The German-born pontiff said during the service at St. Peter's Basilica it sometimes seemed as if the West had become bored by its own history and culture.

(Sidebar: AMEN!)

"Have not we -- the people of God -- become to a large extent a people of unbelief and distance from God?" he said during the service in which he blessed oils to be used in Catholic rites.

"Is it perhaps the case that the West, the heartlands of Christianity, are tired of their faith?"

We've abandoned faith not for reason but for instant gratification, whether it is in the form of decadence or instant proof of God's Love or existence. I suppose no one has read the Bible.

A slight continuation of yesterday's post.

I cannot decide if back-pedalling on a vile (and ultimately futile) attack on a three year old with a mental disability is cowardice or just another example of stupidity. Freedom of speech is a gift. Many have suffered and/or died for it. To pretend that calling a CHILD WITH DOWN'S SYNDROME a "retard" (among other completely sickening things) is not only freedom of speech but perfectly objective and valid political criticism insults not only the freedom for which many risked or gave their lives, but insults the intelligence and even the very soul of the human person. What is profited by (quite frankly) losers who hide behind supercilious monikers attacking a CHILD WITH DOWN'S SYNDROME (this cannot be emphasised enough because it is the crux of the matter)? Let us be clear that the only kind of person who would sling this kind of excrescence at a child, especially one with a disability, is scraping the bottom of the barrel. The offensive post was left up for TWO days with equally repulsive comments to it unmoderated and totally tolerated. The post itself was nothing more than a beating of sorts on a kid with cackling crudity tacked on. What brave, manly pundits Wonkette must be populated with! They stood by their sickening assault until the sponsors started withdrawing. Way to defend the very principle of freedom of speech, a convenient refuge for the hacks of the world who pick on kids. It's pointless to mention how these disgusting cowards would NEVER, EVER utter such calamities to anyone outside their hovels, let alone tell the Palins what they really think. I certainly don't want to subject the Palins to the crap that's been slung at them. However, I think people should really start examining things. Really. After the Two Minutes Hate, don't you feel like taking a shower, even a little?

Lady Gaga is an insecure, attention-seeking poseur. Who knew? Happy Easter, you talentless wonder.

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