Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Fourth Time's A Charm

The Conservatives have a majority government. Harper is in the seat of power.

A vote for the NDP is a vote for sloth and sleaze.

Canada's loss is Harvard's gain.

The Liberals find themselves relegated to the wings, not in the saddle or begging favours from the Queen. How humiliating. For them. I'm fine with their defeat.

The Bloc have been kicked out. Quebeckers would rather throw their votes to the NDP than the separatists these days, even if the candidates don't speak French.

What interesting times we live in.


Anonymous said...

Layton's 1996 indiscretion is known across the country by this point. People were still stupid enough to vote for him. As for the NDP's single parent and still-in-their-teens elected representatives, the world will be justified in laughing at us as a nation. I guess a young, white male DOES still have a few opportunities in this country ...as long as he's French.

In the Ignatieff story that you link to, he states that he hopes his replacement ia "...a young woman." WHY? Why does he not hope that his replacement is simply the best possible candidate, i.e. MUCH better than him. It is precisely that type of thinking, the belief in a non-merit-based society that makes none of the left-leaning parties in North America any good. What is it with these far left politicians that makes them publically espouse a commitment to and respect for the advancement of women when, privately, they can't keep themselves from chasing the young stuff any time their wives are getting their nails or hair done?

Osumashi Kinyobe said...

Hopefully, people will see the folly of electing only this, that or the other person. Someone who campaigned only in Las Vegas or whose pants magically fell off at a bawdy house don't make for good leaders.