Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mid-Week Post

I thought "V" deserved another season, too, Sad Cat.

Watch Brian Lilley's amazing fortitude as he attempts to have a discussion with a left-bot working for a left-bot organisation.

As the language used in the video is does not compute with the robot's programming so important, let us clarify some terms. Immigrants are considered illegal if they don't have the proper identification or remain in Canada after their application has been denied. That's failure number one for Miss Kidane.  Human dignity is not being preserved through illegal smuggling, by the way. "Turtle Island" is an Iroquois term, and an extremist one at that. Why the Iroquois imperialism? Do the Inuit and the West Coast tribes not matter in this little ethnic equation? "Dignity" and "respect" sound like decent enough goals. It's a good thing, therefore, that this "colony" unaptly named "Turtle Island" by a handful whose hegemony nearly wiped out the Huron (Wendat, as they prefer to be known) is a liberal democracy (and a recognised one at that, just like Israel) that pretty much allows anyone to not only enter the country but stay with relatively few (at least up until now) conditions. If this land called "Turtle Island" is so colonised by white racists and their dreadful policies, should Miss Kidane not also leave? I mean- why should she be allowed to push the minority aboriginals out of land they don't even live on? Shouldn't she just answer the questions posed to her instead of demanding to use vocabulary she has been programmed is familiar with?

And this is why a reasoned discussion about immigration can not be had with a leftist.

Imagine your grandfather was this guy. Awesome.

Because China cares.

And now, a Mentos/pop bottle projectile.

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