Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Mid-Week Post

It's the crease of the week.

Nothing says: "I'm a stupid narcissist" like a self-serving apology:

My Story

I know a lot of you don’t believe me, but the truth is that I take full responsibility for my actions and am sincerely apologetic for what I did. What I did was completely out of character for me, but I did it because I was influenced by mob mentality. I want to shed light onto the thought process that was in my head so that maybe you can all get a little bit of an understanding and sympathize for people like me, who made wrong decisions but have now become victims of this social media form of mob mentality.

Why don’t I think I deserve all this treatment?

Because for one, I’ve admitted to my mistakes, two, I am ready to deal with the consequences in a judicial manner, and three, because (may I remind you that) I am responsible for theft – a fairly minor action compared to vandalism and arson. Please remember and understand that I am not responsible for the riot.

What a vain, silly girl she is! It's not an apology. It's a failed justification for her immaturity and thoughtlessness. Where does one even begin to describe how maddening this faux-apology is? She didn't turn herself in; she was caught. She certainly shouldn't be congratulated for it or excused for her overall revolting behaviour, which includes this "apology". How, pray, is the need for adrenaline far greater than the responsibility of proper social conduct? The stupid girl stole two pairs of men's trousers. What do I care if she started the riot or not? That doesn't excuse this useless child. I won't even get to the trees.

Let's see how apologetic she is when chained to a tree in Indonesia during Chinese logging season.

I expect a whole slough of faux-apologies from other members of the Entitlement Generation.

And they wonder why no one goes to their church any more.

This is Canada.

Rocks carved by time, trees whose roots remained unmoved for hundreds of years, clear, blue waters.

Now, why would one forsake the beauty of this land for this?

Rob Ford is planning on it and that rubs some the wrong way.

It's not enough that people tolerate a noisy special-interest group. They must like it or else.

Remember- Israel is the apartheid state and Christians are Neanderthals. Let nothing like the abduction and beating of a Christian activist in Bangladesh colour your perception of those two things.

(hat tips)

"Fix its global image"?  Was that after he ruined it?

And now, a dying man saying good-bye to his dog.

It's sweet as it is bitter.


Anonymous said...

Whom exactly does the United Church actually UNITE? People who want Heaven w/o practicing any moral decency or traditional values? Love abortion and protest "limited accessibility" in some parts of this country? Boycott Israel but not CHINA?!? Do that while taking stances on environmental issues, human and workers' rights issues? What? People (w. SOME limited knowledge of history) often try to wax philosophical about the Catholic church selling indulgences or allowing parishioners to commit any sin they want as long as they go to confession. This United church, if any, is the ultimate give-me-Babylon-AND-give-me-Heaven, I'll go to church when the orgy's over & I come down off this good dope, dudes. What a lot of C-minus college students WISH a real church could be like when they`re all hung over on Sunday.


Anonymous said...

Do you think the plan to with draw troops from Afghanistan is because they think the troops aren't needed.... or because the US soon won't be able to pay the troops they have deployed.

I'm not saying that soldiers are just in it for the money, but if you leave someone in a land they dopn't want to be in, and then cut their wages, well, you're asking for trouble.

~Your Brother~

Osumashi Kinyobe said...

Good to see you, Harold.

I don't think the United Church even reflects the most basic precepts of Christianity. Their boycott certainly doesn't reflect any modicum of human decency. If Israel is an apartheid state and not China, that should say all one needs to know about the United Church.

Anonymous, I don't think the move is economic but political. Bin Laden is dead and Obama's approval rating will get no higher. The cost of the troops certainly won't cover the debts.

RuralRite said...

Your pictures say it all. Homosexuals love the flesh over the love of country.