Sunday, June 12, 2011

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To while the slow Sunday away...

I'm taking this with a grain of salt:

Police say around 150 pro-Palestinian demonstrators are protesting outside a sports stadium in southern Sweden hosting a handball game between Sweden and Israel.

Police spokesman Mats Trulsson says the protest, calling for a boycott against Israel, has been peaceful and shows no sign of developing into the violent riots seen during a Davis Cup game between Sweden and Israel in the city of Malmo.

Trulsson said a pro-Israel demonstration also attracted around 60 people to Karlskrona before the qualifier game for the European handball championship Sunday.

Police had been on high alert before the game, following the events in Malmo in 2009 when rock-throwing activists clashed with police and tried to storm the arena hosting the Davis Cup game.

Really? "Peaceful"?

I ask again: why is Israel considered an apartheid state? There is nothing peaceful about Hamas supporters boycotting (read: unfairly targetting) the only functioning democracy in the Middle East.

Remember when only blond socialists marched in the streets of Stockholm? Now we have cartoonist-threatening thugs.

Adjo, Sweden. It was good to know you.

Thor wields the hammer of thunder AND justice.

What Coren said:

A tale of two protesters, or to put it another way, a microcosm of two Canadas.

On the one hand is vacuous narcissist Brigette DePape, the spoiled little girl who took advantage of her position as a page in our Senate to make some absurd protest about stopping Prime Minster Stephen Harper.

She then gave various interviews, where she could hardly complete a sentence and had to be prompted in her cliches by a friend, and then mouthed something about Canadian values, climate change, prisons, fighter aircraft and an Arab spring...

On the other hand is Linda Gibbons, a much older woman than “you know, like, whatever, climate change and stuff” girl.

Gibbons has now spent more than eight years in prison because she dares to walk quietly and gently outside our tax-supported abortion clinics. She never raises her voice, has never used violence, never even tries to touch anybody going into these macabre centres to abort their babies.

But because various extremist groups managed to persuade government to introduce a bubble zone around the clinics, nobody who utters a pro-life opinion is allowed to go near them. You might not agree with Gibbons, you might be vehemently pro-abortion, but it’s a basic Canadian value that peaceful protest is a sacred right....

A tale of two protesters, a tale of two Canadas.

One was paid for by you, is self-indulgent and indulged. The other is self-supporting and heroic.

One risks nothing, the other almost everything.

One is complacent and smug, one radical and challenging.

A tale that tells all really, a tale that tells all.

He sums it up perfectly. Brigitte DePape really is a self-deluded ridiculous creature who honestly thinks she is spearheading something grand. Perhaps someone should tell this fluff-head that had she pulled this stunt in Syria or China, she would have been repeatedly beaten or killed. Instead, in Canada, where the electorate thought Stephen Harper was doing such a grand job that they gave him a majority government, she was simply escorted out of the Parliament building where she is free to write her insipid and crappy poetry and slave away for chubby capitalist union-hater. Linda Gibbons, on the other hand, isn't an attention-seeking would-be revolutionary. She held up signs in front of killing centres tax-payers fund. Is a grandmother with capacity for compassion exercising her right to free speech a bigger threat to society than a girl-murderer or even a fly in the ointment like Brigitte DePape? Some people might think so. Such is the political scene of the land.

What is more shocking: that Vietnam allows protests or that China takes liberties because it is an octopus?

Vietnamese authorities tolerated a second day of anti-China protests in the capital on Sunday as more than 100 people demonstrated against what they see as bullying behavior by Beijing in an escalating dispute over maritime territory.

In a park in front of the Chinese Embassy the demonstrators waved flags, sang patriotic songs and chanted "Down with China!" and "The Spratlys and Paracels belong to Vietnam," referring to archipelagos in the South China Sea.

Police told them to leave after about 20 minutes but let them march around Hoan Kiem Lake in the heart of town, where some onlookers voiced support and a handful joined the protest.

China and Vietnam have tussled in recent weeks over long-standing maritime disputes in the South China Sea and, though a military clash seems unlikely, the tensions could trouble regional diplomacy and possibly draw in the United States, which took up the South China Sea dispute last year.

Last Sunday rare street demonstrations took place in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City after the government lodged a protest with China when it said Chinese vessels damaged equipment in use by a Vietnamese survey ship within Vietnam's 200 nautical mile exclusive maritime economic zone.

The Vietnamese government said a similar incident at sea took place on Thursday, blaming China for violating its sovereignty. China has lobbed similar propaganda salvos at Vietnam since the end of May, accusing Hanoi for raising tensions in the region.

Communism didn't work, guys. Just let it go:

Russian police detained nearly 30 opposition activists Sunday to prevent them from demonstrating in central Moscow on a national holiday celebrating the country's emergence as an independent state as the Soviet Union crumbled....

Police, who were out in force to prevent any unrest, moved quickly to break up a demonstration by a variety of opposition groups. An Associated Press reporter saw protesters put into buses and driven away. Police said 28 were detained and later released.

Opposition leader Sergei Udaltsov, one of the first to be detained, said his activists from the Left Front "believe that in 20 years Russia hasn't become a free democratic country."

Thank you.

Can we move on with our lives? Can we let Sarah Palin move on with her life?

I don't mean for this to sound shallow but wow! She looks great!


House Democratic leaders on Sunday urged embattled Rep. Anthony Weiner to quit because of his sex texting scandal, a request the New York lawmaker has sidestepped in favour of a temporary leave of absence to undergo treatment.

This guy isn't a victim. He's a pervert. The victim mindset and the insufferable stubbornness of the emotionally retarded left just stun me.

And now, cute animals.


Tweety58 said...

Those Swedes are girly-men.They live in one of the most matriarchal leftist countries and will soon be facing bankruptcy like Iceland.They really are irrelevant.Anti-Semetism is really a European sport.I'd love to see Sweden under Shari'a.The UK is the canary in the coalmine for the rest of us,but the canary is kaffing and I don't mean Kaffir.

Tweety58 said...

I have no idea why Weiner would tweet a picture of his genitals that is approximately the size of a cocktail sausage.His poor wife-being humiliated and having to deal with that little thing.Pee Wee like all pinkos is a VICTIM not a perv and is using the Rehab scam to rehabilitate himself.When Nancy Pelosi says to resign even after he advised her of the Rehab scam you know that weiner is done.God does have a sense of humour and irony.