Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mid-Week Post

It's the mid-weekiest.

Airport scanners to blot out nudity:

New software for screening travelers at U.S. airports will do away with naked images, addressing a major public concern, the Transportation Security Administration said Wednesday.

After complaints from travelers the TSA earlier this year began testing at four airports software for the full-body scanners that instead uses a generic body outline and highlights the area where any anomaly is detected, eliminating the actual image of the passenger.

Do you know a better way to blot out nudity? Following the Israeli model of airport security.

Why do we wait for the useless, toothless UN to declare famine or war or anything? Really? Why do we do it?

The United Nations said on Wednesday two regions of southern Somalia had been hit by the worst famine in the area for 20 years and that 3.7 million people in the anarchic Horn of Africa nation risked starvation.

Somalia is in the midst of famine because it is a failed country, just like the other countries in Africa.

Yes, Ontario IS a have-not province and it's McGuinty's fault:

Ontario’s Liberal government is getting prickly over equalization ahead of a meeting between provincial and territorial leaders in Vancouver.

Finance Minister Dwight Duncan lashed out Wednesday at the federal program, saying the formula that has made Ontario a recipient for each of past three years is “absolutely crazy.”

Duncan’s comments follow those by Premier Dalton McGuinty, who said the province would aggressively oppose any effort to force a reduction of transfers to Ontario.

In three short years since being added to the welfare rolls of Confederation, Ontario has quickly become among the largest equalization recipients.

High unemployment, higher electricity prices and eliminated jobs, twenty million dollar payout to former residents of Caledonia and $2.2 billion in equalization payments. Yes, Mr. Duncan, we are a have-not province.

1,800 people to be stripped of Canadian citizenship. Somebody messed up. I would hate to have to do the paperwork for that.

Russia wants to Arctic. It will plead its case to the UN, where it sits forever on the Security Council. Discuss.

Ladies and gentlemen, "Northwest Passage".

An excavation crew believes it may have found a skull of a Japanese pilot who attacked Pearl Harbour.

Oh my God, that looks delicious- a Provencal Apricot Tart.

Come with her if you want to live.

Is Captain America too American? Maybe. His name IS Captain America.

Useful dogs: one a hero, the other a beer-gatherer.  Good dogs.

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