Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A Post, For It Is Tuesday

Quickly now....

We trade with these people:

According to a report prepared for the Pentagon and the defense industry, US weapons systems have been infiltrated by Chinese hackers.  "More than two dozen major weapons systems whose designs were breached were programs critical to U.S. missile defenses and combat aircraft and ships, according to a previously undisclosed section of a confidential report prepared for Pentagon leaders by the Defense Science Board."

They also back North Korea.

Swedes partake in the ruination of their country and Swedish police take a page out of the OPP's Caledonia handbook:

For the past week, the capital of Sweden has been the centre of Swedish race riots with immigrant gangs and left-wing supporters aligning and burning cars, buildings, throwing stones at the police, emergency medical personnel and fire-fighters, as well as attacking innocent Swedish citizens.
Owners of cars destroyed in the riots fined for parking illegally while police adopt non-intervention policy.

(Sidebar: Swedes, if you have any dignity left, you would take those parking tickets, rip them into little pieces, hand them back to those affirmative actions hires and tell them where they can shove them.)

Dan Savage is a douchebag.

Watch as teen-agers, realising what a total failure of a human person he is, walk out on him in droves. Watch his whiny little response to that complete rejection.


Over at the Fur: any number of posts regarding the emotional retards who promote, defend or deny the violence in Islam including Justin Trudeau's inability to be frank about terrorism, Obama's similar capitulation, and this little gem on why moderate Muslims must reject jihad.

Faith in humanity restored... for now:

Lee Jong-rak is a Korean pastor in South Korea. A simple man with a huge purpose, Pastor Jong-rak saw a devastating problem. He thought of a way he could change it, and he became a prophetic voice to his society. His story is a story of faith. A story of hope. A story of love. And when you hear this heroic tale, you just may never be the same.

Lee Jong-rak is the creator of the Baby Box. His Baby Box is the first and only box in Korea that is for collecting abandoned babies who are physically or mentally handicapped or are just unwanted by their mothers.

A newborn baby in China whose dramatic rescue from a filthy sewage pipe has elicited an outpouring of sympathy and outrage from across the globe is in stable condition and improving, according to nurses at the hospital where he is being treated.

The baby was admitted to the hospital in critical condition with a suspected fracture in the top of his skull after spending at least several hours wedged in a sewage pipe leading from a public toilet in the city of Jinhua in the Chinese province of Zhajiang.

Firefighters responded to a call from a building resident who reported hearing a baby crying in the toilet on the fourth floor.

A nurse told the Daily Mail that the mother of the child has been found.

“She is right now in the hospital,” said the nurse. “I heard she is a 22 year-old single woman. I don't know the reason she abandoned the baby.”

The nurse also said that numerous individuals have stepped forward to donate diapers, formula, and other necessities to help care for the child. Some have offered to adopt the child.

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