Sunday, May 26, 2013

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Oh, the things that happen when you're away....

Fire-starting, murder and chanting are called "Tuesday" in failed Islamic states...

Cars were set alight in poor suburbs inhabited largely by immigrants, although the unrest was reportedly not as serious as on previous nights.

The rioting also spread outside the capital for the first time on Friday, with youths torching vehicles and buildings in two towns.

The US and UK meanwhile warned their citizens to avoid affected areas.

The UK Foreign Office advised people to stay away from large gatherings in the Stockholm suburbs of Husby, Hagsatra, Ragsved, Skogas, and to take care and monitor local reports.

The riots began on Sunday in Husby, a deprived, predominantly immigrant area in the north-west of the capital. 

It is believed they were sparked by the death of an elderly man nearly a week before, who was shot by police after he allegedly threatened to kill them with a machete.
Michael Adebolajo, 28 and Michael Adebowale, 22, are under armed guard in hospital after being shot and arrested by police on suspicion of murder on Wednesday.

The three men arrested on Saturday are suspected of conspiracy to murder. London police said two of them were hit by electric Taser guns, but neither needed hospital treatment.

Eight people have now been arrested in connection with the murder on Wednesday of 25-year-old Lee Rigby, who served in Afghanistan. No one has been charged.

Witnesses said Adebolajo and Adebowale used a car to run down Rigby outside Woolwich Barracks in southeast London and then attacked him with a meat cleaver and knives, before being shot by police.
A French soldier who was stabbed Saturday on the western outskirts of Paris was targeted because of his military service, France's defense minister said.

... Rather like what Sweden, Britain and France are now. Years of self-flagellation and Euro-correctness (like political correctness but more European and tinged with welfarism) and a complete unwillingness to "integrate" (that's a popular word) immigrants, particularly those for whom fire-starting, Jew-hating, sexual assault and murder is a matter-of-course, have led to this and no amount of "positive spirals" and "options exploration" will fix it. Get used to this, Europe. In a way, you asked for it. No, I'm not blaming the victim, as you might, but stating outright your failure to live as Western societies ought has been your ruin.

Related: do you know what will overturn this very unpopular law? The very people who stab soldiers. Yep, that's culture for you.

Ever-embattled Toronto mayor Rob Ford calls the media "a bunch of maggots" and councillors "unemployable". So?

Perhaps the Senate does need to go

The scandal-plagued Senate has a cheerleader in Justin Trudeau after the Liberal leader said he wouldn't abolish the chamber because it's to Quebec's gain over other provinces to keep the lights on.

"We have 24 senators from Quebec and there are just six from Alberta and British Columbia. It's to our advantage," he told a French newspaper.

There are people willing to vote for him. Wrap that around your noggin.

God bless the great state of Texas:

State lawmakers in Texas have passed legislation that permits public schools to display nativity scenes, menorahs, or Christmas trees, and allows students and school district staff to use greetings such as, “Merry Christmas,” “Happy Hanukkah,” and “Happy Holidays.”

Thank you, Texas! I've blogged about this before and am relieved, though still gobsmacked, that cultural civility needs desperate legal protection.

This week-end marks Memorial Day in the US when Americans remember the sacrifices their veterans have made on their and the world's behalf and they do so under the scandal-plagued president who thinks that terrorism is "work-place violence". Let freedom reign under that.

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