Monday, September 02, 2013

For It Is A Monday

No more summer vacations in the northern hemisphere... (sigh)....

Maybe the question ought to be: should unions still be relevant in an age of a removed manufacturing sector, unrealistic wages and no accountability?

There would be no sabre-rattling if we stayed out:

France released an intelligence report on Monday alleging chemical weapons use by Syria’s regime that dovetailed with similar U.S. claims, as President Bashar al-Assad warned that any military strike against his country would spark an uncontrollable regional war and spread “chaos and extremism.”

The verbal crossfire, including a rejection of the Western allegations by longtime Syrian ally Russia, was part of frenzied efforts on both sides to court international public opinion after President Barack Obama said he would seek authorization from Congress before launching any military action against Assad’s regime.

In an interview with French newspaper Le Figaro, Assad was quoted as saying that Syria has challenged the U.S. and France to provide proof to support their allegations, but that their leaders “have been incapable of doing that, including before their own peoples.”

Good luck at getting Russia on side, by the way.

I think this is a splendid idea:

Politico reported Monday that “two comedians are tackling the sensitive topic of Islamophobia in the way they know best: laughter.” The article, entitled “Film tackles Islamophobia with humor,” puffs up Negin Farsad and Dean Obeidallah, "the co-directors of ‘The Muslims Are Coming!’ which tracks a group of Muslim-American stand-ups as they perform across the country and tackle people’s stereotypes.”


I would like the film to be shot live, unedited and widely screened for free. I would like to see the tiresome assertions of Muslim victimhood challenged and disputed. I would like answers for why Mohammad the messenger is greater than the theological message or why he is a model of behaviour for Muslim men. I would like to know why the Koran has not been revised and the religion not reformed. I would like to know - if Islam truly is a religion of peace- why Christians are kidnapped and then killed, why people are forced to join the Muslim religion,  why women are abused, butchered and murdered, why churches and other houses of worship are destroyed or desecrated, and why there is no large-scale internal cultural revision of a social, religious and political system that clearly needs it.

I suspect the opinion that Islamophobia exists is due to the love affair of leftism/liberalism and anything that the two (or one) despise. It is no accident that the average person is apprehensive of Islamists. There are far too many examples of Islam's incongruity with Western society to deny - with a straight face- that violence and despair are inherent in it. The stubborn refusal to accept this fact is physical and cultural suicide. It's the kind of emotional retardation that would produce absurd fiction about a former governor rather long the lines of Emmanuel Goldstein as a way or both bolstering false belief and distraction from the real issues at hand. Ultimately, it is pathetic and self-defeating.

And now, the catleidoscope. Enjoy.

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