Friday, March 07, 2014

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Quickly now...

Turn your clocks one hour ahead this week-end.

Signals from a now-missing Malaysia Airlines flights detected.

This says nothing of Ukrainians, Ukrainian sovereignty or how far Russia will go:

The news comes on the same day Russian President Vladimir Putin's spokesman lashed out at the West and defended the country's actions in Ukraine, but said he hoped a new Cold War would not break out despite "extremely deep disagreements."

Putin knows no one (ie- the US and Europe) will do anything about this and even Canada's recalling of its ambassador and the expulsion of Russian soldiers are but drops in the ocean.

Also: this would get a Russian journalist killed:

Russia Today anchor and correspondent Liz Wahl announced her resignation live on air Wednesday, saying she couldn't "be part of a network that whitewashes the actions" of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Wahl began her remarks by referencing comments another personality on the government-funded TV network made criticizing Russia's invasion of the Ukrainian region of Crimea.


Yesterday, Treasury’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FINCEN) released this advisory to banks around the world to be on the lookout for deceptive financial practices designed to move the ill-gotten wealth of 18 former Ukrainian officials, including Viktor Yanukovich. The chilling effect of this will likely be that banks around the world refuse to move large sums of money for mysterious figures linked to these 18 people, for fear of losing their access to the financial system. Although the advisory says “U.S. financial institutions,” in financial regulation, that term is understood to mean any financial institution when it’s accessing the U.S. financial system. As a practical matter, that’s just about every bank on earth, especially when you consider that around 80% of international transactions are denominated in dollars....

Either (1) John Kerry really thinks he’s this close to Agreed Framework III, (2) we’ve outsourced our North Korea policy to our friends in Beijing, or (3) nobody gives a damn.

Some positive news:

The National Energy Board (NEB) has given the go-ahead to Enbridge Pipelines to reverse the flow along the full length of the existing Line 9 pipeline to send crude eastward from Sarnia, Ont., to Montreal and the Quebec City area.

Another on the list of L. Ron Hubbard holidays: International Women's Day on which white liberal women talk about issues that directly affect them.

And now, food traps for the more discerning rodent palate.


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