Monday, March 17, 2014

Monday Post

Of course it did:

Just two weeks after Russian troops seized their peninsula, Crimeans voted Sunday to leave Ukraine and join Russia, overwhelmingly approving a referendum that sought to unite the strategically important Black Sea region with the country it was part of for some 250 years.

The vote was widely condemned by Western leaders, who planned to move swiftly to punish Russia with economic sanctions.

Of course he does:

Ignoring the toughest sanctions against Moscow since the end of the Cold War, Russian President Vladimir Putin recognized Ukraine's Crimean Peninsula as an "independent and sovereign country" on Monday, a bold challenge to Washington that escalates one of Europe's worst security crises in years.

How does a vote result in a ninety-seven percent victory for joining Russia when only one percent of Crimean residents consider Russia to be their homeland?

Obama, of course, leads from behind:

President Obama thought he was taking a hard line when he issued sanctions against Russian officials following the Crimean vote to leave Ukraine. 

But Russia's Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin thinks the sanctions are hilarious.
Rogozin was one of 11 Russian and Ukranian officials hit with economic sanctions today, and responded on Twitter calling whoever drafted the list a 'prankster'. 

In his tweets, Rogozin asks 'Comrade @BarackObama' how the sanctions will affect him since he doesn't have 'accounts or property abroad'.


I guess he didn't transmit that properly.
Besides, sanctions have been done before.


Now China has officially come out against the UN report. Monday was the day the UN Human Rights Council was scheduled to discuss the report about human rights abuses in North Korea. During the session, Chinese counselor Chen Chuandong made it clear that China does not accept the report and will not support taking any action against North Korea. Chen called the report’s contents into question, and said the accusations are unfounded. Ironically, according to Chen, the report should be considered invalid in part because North Korea refused to cooperate with the commission. “The inability of the commission to get support and cooperation from the country concerned makes it impossible for the commission to carry out its mandate in an impartial, objective and effective manner,” Reuters quoted Chen as saying. Chen also said that the report’s recommendations, including charging Kim with crimes against humanity, were “divorced from reality.”

China (and Russia) is complicit in North Korea's crimes against humanity. Its defense of North Korea is appalling and laughable. Why would North Korea participate in an investigation about itself? China also sits permanently on the UN's security council and has vetoed measures against North Korea in the past. As with Russia and Crimea, who dares to go against it? This is why withdrawal from the UN and heavy sanctions are worth it. Not even Red China operates without money and prestige.

Regarding Megumi Yokota:

The parents of a Japanese woman abducted by North Korea in 1977 have met their Korean-born granddaughter for the first time.

The Japanese Foreign Ministry confirmed Sunday that Shigeru Yokota and his wife, Sakie, spent time with Kim Un Kyong over several days last week in Ulan Bator, Mongolia. Kim is 26 years old, Japanese media said.

The meeting could be a small step toward resuming official government talks between Japan and North Korea.

Kim's mother, Megumi Yokota, was kidnapped in Japan when she was 13. She is believed to have married a South Korean man, Kim Young-nam, who also was abducted by North Korea.

North Korea says Yokota has died, but Japan says North Korea has yet to provide definitive proof.

It's probably because there's no transparency and Trudeau is a complete snake:

In a toughly worded, open letter released Monday, Zach Paikin says Trudeau “broke a key promise” made during last year’s leadership campaign to hold open nominations in every riding, by blocking Christine Innes from running in downtown Toronto.

In this article, one admits quite openly that the Pride parade is rife with perverts and weirdos and no one in their right minds should participate in it:

What’s more, I noticed that those criticizing me and defending nudity at Pride appeared to be at least twice my age. Those who came to my defence, meanwhile, were overwhelmingly young. This division isn’t coincidental. I have attended Pride four times now, and I have never seen a completely naked person who appeared to be under the age of 40. Nudist Bert Bik, a 62-year-old founding member of Totally Naked Toronto Men Enjoying Nudity, one of the city’s best-known groups of naked parade marchers, says the average age of a TNT member is between 43 and 47. (The group even offers discount rates to college students in an attempt to attract younger members.) Nakedness at Pride, then, isn’t merely a philosophical debate, but a generational one. Replace nudity with coupon collecting, Lent observing, kosher keeping, and the story becomes quite ordinary: An older generation adheres to a tradition that some in the younger set find retrograde, tacky and embarrassing. The old berate the young about the importance of said tradition, and the young rebel. The only difference is that, in the LGBT community, youth rebel by assimilation.
(Sidebar: I'm younger than these freaks and I don't care for this affront of grotesque skin exposure.)

Furthermore, not only is this nutty event nothing at all like time-honoured traditions normal people celebrate, I would not gather myself to watch the Greatest Generation march, if they were so inclined to prance about el fresco, no matter how much respect I have for them.


And now, some facts one can't do without this Saint Patrick's Day:

Sentences have Verb Subject Object order. So "I saw a bird" would be "Saw I a bird." "I always speak Irish" would be "Speak I Irish always." This word order is relatively rare—only 9 percent of the world's languages use it.

Irish people speak like Yoda. Yoda is green.

We've come full circle.

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