Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Stand With Ezra

Go here for more information.

Read here and here for recaps of Ezra Levant's trial.

Khurran Awan's spurious and incongruent charges against Ezra Levant aren't only a matter of freedom of speech but the freedom to speak without the Crown or State's allowing itself to be used as an instrument to further personal vendettas. That this resulted in a trial puts the entire Canadian legal system (such as it is) in disrepute. Furthermore, it entertains the childish and neurotic belief that mere offense alone is sufficient for the ruination of a person. Anything anyone says or does can be deemed offensive. At what point will we literally bury ourselves alive so as to never offend anyone by simply breathing? It's beyond preposterous and, had this not been before the courts, it would be a subject of farce.

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