Monday, September 22, 2014

An Important Message

To Islamists the world over:

Before you embark on a career of rape, pillage and child murdering, know this:

you're not going to Heaven.

I'll repeat that: the vain assumption made by an irritable, irrational war-monger who married a child is a very, very erroneous one. Whatever one's beliefs may be, it defies reason that if you wilfully murder people you will find yourself in some kind of paradise for all eternity or be accepted by the majority of the people on this planet, most of whom will settle for mere civility which seems to be another stumbling block of yours. Seriously. Haven't you ever thought that through? Study any religion and you'll find that the more wicked you are, the less likely it is that you will merit a peaceful afterlife.

And look at the "heaven on earth" you're creating now. Do you think people are fleeing because they believe you will bring prosperity, enlightening and cultural pluralism? It's no accident that whenever you embrace a culture that forces women to wear body coverings, blames Jews and Americans for things you did to yourselves and even bans music that one's economy goes down the crapper. Who wants to trade with a mad theocratic state? Someone who had his or her entire brain removed, that's who. You're not even pleasant to be around. Nobody likes an intolerant grumpy-pants.

In conclusion, your quest for eternal happiness is a failed one. You're going to hell. Stop being a social reject if you can. Nobody likes you.

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