Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Don't Mention the War

Even though the word "jihad" translated means "holy war", is mentioned one hundred and sixty-four times in the Koran, is clearly a martial philosophy and has been uttered and implemented time and time again by Islamist terrorists, it is not to be said, referred to or hinted at when speaking of obviously Islamist terrorist activities or acts:

The RCMP says it doesn't support an anti-radicalization handbook being distributed throughout Muslim communities in Winnipeg, despite contributing a chapter of its material.

The 38-page booklet, United Against Terrorism, is described as "a collaborative effort towards a secure, inclusive and just Canada" and aimed at a Muslim audience with the goal of dispelling what it says are myths about Islam.

Shahina Siddiqui, the president of the Islamic Social Services Association, the group distributing the handbook, said the handbook was born out of a "necessity" to counter the violent narrative being put forth by extremists.

"Be cautious of Web-based sites that seem Islamic oriented but can be either Islamophobic or extremist sites," it advises.

The handbook also focuses on Islamophobia, which Siddiqui called a form of racism and said is a contributing factor in radicalization.

"Islamophobes also reinforce hatred against Muslims and demonize Islam," it says.

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