Tuesday, September 16, 2014

South Korea Extends An Olive Branch to North Korea (Again)

To wit:

South Korean President Park Geun-hye, thwarted so far in ambitious plans to begin the process of reunifying the Korean peninsula, said the door is open for talks with the North during the upcoming U.N. General Assembly.

However, Park said in an interview that Pyongyang must show sincerity in seeking a constructive dialogue and "walk the talk" in taking up South Korea's offers for engagement aimed at ending a deadlock after a decade of warming ties.

North Korea will send its foreign minister, Ri Su Yong, to the U.N. General Assembly meeting, the highest ranking official from the reclusive state to attend in 15 years. Ri's official agenda is not clear.

Pyongyang has not accepted South Korea's overtures and the unpredictable North's official media has heaped insults on Park. Park said there are no current plans to meet North Korean officials in New York.

I don't know what President Park is thinking. Does Kim Jong-Un even seem slightly more reasonable than his dictatorial father? Has North Korea ever shown a genuine interest in making peace with its southern neighbour?

At least President Park can say she offered but it profits her nothing. It is a continuation of the same dance the Koreas have done for decades.

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