Wednesday, October 22, 2014

An Open Letter to Alex Hundert

Dear Alex Hundert,

You're a douchebag.

Cases in point:

Let's can the crap that you are truly outraged by colonialism or any injustices in the world of which you are not directly privy because you are just some sheltered white liberal who is mad at dad or whatever (where have we seen this behaviour before?). Because you can never be a fine or even remotely productive individual, you run down those who are, including the young man who lost his life in Ottawa today (attacking such a victim of violence - really classy). Let's also dispense with the nonsense that you are the brave sort who will challenge anyone face-to-face. You're a coward disguising yourself as some sort of iconoclast (probably in order to impress the self-loathing girls who will take any attention they can get even if it is from someone like you). You were called out by people who are rightly nauseated by your disgraceful tweets and your faux outrage ('cause you're, like, real or whatever!). You will never face these people and tell them what you really think. You just mimic others whose ideologies are just plain lazy or dreadful. Do you ever have original thoughts? Probably not.

Now that you've had your tantrum and gotten your attention, can you go away now? The world has had enough of your obnoxious behaviour.


Thinking, Feeling Human Beings

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