Thursday, October 30, 2014

Halloween Week: The Endless Sequels

Ontario Liberals bar the testimony of key witnesses:

“This government has proven, once again, that they are not in the business of being open or transparent,” Ontario Interim PC Leader Jim Wilson said today.

Today, the government voted down a PC motion to allow two key witnesses, Laura Miller and Peter Faist, to testify before the Standing Committee on Justice Policy. The Committee is investigating the destruction of key documents about the relocation of two gas plants that cost the province over $1 billion.

“Both of these key witnesses have agreed to testify before the Committee about their role in the unauthorized deletion of documents from the former Premier’s Office.”

“If the Liberals were actually committed to being transparent they would allow these two to testify – why are they blocking this important testimony?”
This is the government Ontario Liberal voters wanted.

Putting a cap on a profession solely because of the possible beliefs of the professionals isn't just discriminatory, it's self-defeating:

Members of the Law Society of British Columbia have voted overwhelmingly against accrediting a Christian university's law school.

The referendum was called at the end of September by the society's governors, known as benchers, and was sparked by a community covenant at Trinity Western University in Langley, south of Vancouver.

That covenant prohibits students and staff from sex outside of a marriage between a man and a woman.

The law society said 8,039 of 13,530 eligible voters cast their ballots, with 5,951 voting against accrediting the university and 2,088 voting in favour.

The results are expected to be discussed at a Friday meeting of the governors.

Barbara Findlay, a self-described "lesbian lawyer," said in a news release that it was a "proud day to be a lawyer."

Former Trinity Western student Jill Bishop, who is now an articled law student, said she was proud that her colleagues stood up for equality.

"The experience of being educated at TWU was very oppressive to me as a lesbian who had to sign the restrictive covenant," she said.

(Sidebar: And yet she went there and is now published. What a silly b!#ch.)

There is a reason why there are quarantines:

A nurse who treated Ebola patients in West Africa said Wednesday that she plans to end her voluntary isolation in Maine, leading to a potential showdown with state officials who have vowed to enforce a mandatory quarantine.

And now, morbid photography and a tale (perhaps cautionary in this day and age) to curdle the blood and quicken the beatings of the heart.


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