Monday, May 25, 2015

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Quickly now....

A report by the RCMP about the response to the October 22nd shooting that claimed the life of Corporal Nathan Cirillo (as a result of Islamism) will be released soon:

RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson says the OPP's much-anticipated report into the RCMP's response to the Parliament Hill shootings will be released this week or next.

Paulson told the Senate's national security committee Monday his force they are on the verge of releasing the report.

The report was commissioned by House Speaker Andrew Scheer after he asked for an independent police investigation following the Parliament Hill shootings.

The OPP led the investigation and submitted the report to the House of Commons in early April. When it was delivered, there were initial concerns whether the report would be made public or not.

Paulson told senators the report examines the RCMP's response to the Oct. 22, 2014 shooting, both outside Parliament Hill and inside Centre Block. That's where shooter Michael Zehaf-Bibeau was finally shot and killed.

Hydro One is riddled with crooks.

But don't take my word for it:

Hydro One treated customers "abominably" after a new computer system resulted in huge billing errors for about 100,000 homes, Ontario's ombudsman reported Monday.

In his investigation of the Hydro One billing practices, Andre Marin also accused the Crown corporation of lying to the government and his office about the extent of the problem.

The ombudsman's office was flooded with 10,700 complaints from Hydro One ratepayers about overbilling and "outrageously bad customer service" as the utility scrambled to fix technical glitches with the new system, added Marin.

"Customers felt mistreated and abused when they tried to report these problems to Hydro One," he said. "Customers who had huge sums of money pulled from their bank accounts without warning, or who were hit with outrageous bills, were treated abominably."

As complaints grew, Hydro One deceived the electricity regulator and the ombudsman's office "about the extent and nature of its billing and customer service disaster," Marin said in a special report.

"One of the issues that really concerns me is how they obstructed and lied to the minister of energy's office, the board of directors and the Ontario Energy Board," he said.

How's that degrading thing going?

Islamic State fighters have killed at least 400 people, including women and children, in Palmyra since capturing the ancient Syrian city four days ago, Syrian state media said on Sunday.

Ireland jumped off of a cliff.

Well, that's Putin for you:

Western governments and human-rights groups have reacted with fury after Vladimir Putin signed a new law allowing Russian prosecutors to declare foreign and international organizations “undesirable” and close them down.

The new law allows prosecutors to declare an organization “undesirable” if they deem it to threaten constitutional order, defence and security or public health.

Whatever you do, don't make him accountable.

Remember- Obama agreed to meet Iran without pre-conditions in 2008:

And now, some history on man and his best furry friend ever:

Dogs have long been our animal BFFs, but how far back can our companionship be traced? According to a new study, further back than we thought.

Previous studies have suggested that dogs became domesticated roughly 11,0000 to 16,000 years ago as companions to hunter-gatherers. But a new study published in Current Biology found that dogs were likely domesticated a staggering 27,000 to 40,000 years ago. Using the genome of a 35,000-year-old wolf, the researchers attempted to distinguish when exactly dogs split from wolves.

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