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For A Tuesday

PS: have you have thought of a Cinco de Mayo wedding? Me neither! But ...

A merry Cinco de Mayo to all y'all...

David Menzies shares video footage of the terrorism attack in Garland, Texas:

 The Alberta election is underway.

Videos showing the faces of special operations forces were pulled after worries of reprisals:

A series of videos distributed by the Prime Minister's Office, some of which showed the faces of the country's special forces soldiers, were abruptly pulled offline early Tuesday in an embarrassing security breach.

The videos, on Stephen Harper's official 24-Seven feed, were taken during his recent whirlwind trip to Iraq and Kuwait, where the travelling media were lectured and asked to sign undertakings that they would not publish images of the elite JTF-2 troops who provided security and conduct a myriad of secret operations around the world.

The request, made of out fear of reprisal by Islamic State terrorists, was honoured by journalists and photographers, but it appears one of Harper's videographers filmed some soldiers in the background during an interview involving Defence Minister Jason Kenney.

There are other instances of JTF-2 members being clearly visible, hovering near the prime minister.
Several videos were pulled offline.

I say tax Justin Trudeau seventy-five percent of his inherited money:

Omar Khadr may be going nowhere:

Any hopes Omar Khadr had of tasting freedom for the first time in almost 13 years were dashed Tuesday when an Alberta justice said she wanted more time to consider whether he should be released on bail.

Court of Appeal Justice Myra Bielby said she would decide Thursday whether to grant the federal government's request to keep him behind bars despite a lower court order that he be freed.

I'll believe it when I see it.

Mohammad Shafia, who killed his former wife and three daughters, is reportedly intimidating other prisoners:

The Montreal man serving a life sentence for killing his wife and three teenage daughters intimidated other prisoners to the point that one asked to be put in isolation, a Senate committee has heard.

Psychologist Robert Groves, who worked in Kingston Penitentiary, testified Monday before the national security and defence committee hearing on security threats facing Canada. He said he met with one particular non-Muslim inmate who went to great lengths to avoid Shafia.

"It turned out that he felt so intimidated by Shafia and some of his lieutenants, that he chose to give up his relative freedom of movement on the range in the general population for a much more restricted life on a social isolation range," Groves said.

"He could no longer come to see me. I had to go to his cell on the isolation range. He advised me that confinement was worth it to avoid the hassle of dealing with 'the Muslims'".

After his first-degree murder conviction in 2012, Shafia took on a religious leadership role at the Kingston Penitentiary — the onetime maximum-security prison — organizing Friday prayers when the sole Imam permitted to minister to inmates in Canada was not available, according to Groves.

"This man was obnoxious in manner, demanding of the Protestant and Catholic chaplains, and generally offensive," he said.

"The normally pleasant atmosphere associated with the Muslims gathering for prayers was absent. Inmates on the same range as Shafia who came to see me expressed fear of him."

Groves said he was surprised to find Shafia leading the religious gathering Friday given that he had shown little remorse for the 2009 killings.
I guess the bullying just never leaves you.

News from North Korea:

North Korea decries the report that it is a sponsor of terrorism:

The "Commission for Human Rights in North Korea", a non-governmental human rights body of the U.S., released a report on April 27.

The report claimed that the DPRK is backing and dealing with the terrorist organizations and "states sponsoring terrorism" in Mideast and is involved in direct terrorism such as cyber attack on the Sony Pictures Entertainment of the U.S. It urged the U.S. administration and Congress to re-list the DPRK as a "sponsor of terrorism."

The report is no more than a conspiratorial document that does not deserve even a passing note as it was cooked up by a U.S. individual organization which is unknown to the international community in a bid to gain its political clout. But the DPRK cannot but take a serious note of the U.S. moves in the light of the fact that the commission echoed the assertion of the U.S. hard-line conservative forces calling for ratcheting up pressure upon the DPRK now that the relations between it and the U.S. are at rock bottom.

Lurking behind the moves of the "Commission for Human Rights in North Korea" to make public the report and build up public opinion on it is its sinister purpose to tarnish the image of the DPRK by branding it as a "sponsor of terrorism" now that the U.S. has failed to "demonize" it over the "nuclear and human rights issue".

Whenever the DPRK-U.S. relations and the situation got strained, the Republican Party and other conservative forces in the U.S. desperately called for re-listing the DPRK as a "sponsor of terrorism" since its removal from the list of "sponsors of terrorism" in 2008.

One wonders if some leftist hack put this out.

American feminists ignore the "war on women" in North Korea:

Would it be too much for Gloria Steinem to ask North Korea to investigate and prosecute the rapists in its ranks? After all, Steinem’s Feminist Majority has been outspoken on the subject of sexual assault in the U.S. armed forces. The organizer of Women Cross DMZ, Christine Ahn, has denounced “sexual violence by U.S. servicemen” in South Korea, even suggesting that it’s a greater threat to South Korea’s civilian population than North Korea’s nuclear weapons. (This is a hyperbolic falsehood, as I can testify from my four years as an Army prosecutor and defense counsel in Korea. If anything, the U.S. Army’s extreme sensitivity to bad publicity and political pressure causes it to overcharge alleged sexual assaults. Alleged assaults were overwhelmingly soldier-on-soldier; relatively few involved Korean victims.)


So a koala walks into a hospital....

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