Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Mid-Week Post

The winning lottery numbers are...

If it meant serious senatorial reform and jail sentences, I would see this report as good news:

Auditor General Michael Ferguson says he will recommend that 10 of the senate expense cases investigated by his office be referred to the RCMP.


The NDP continues to ask about Mike Duffy and his $90,000 in Question Period.

Of course, neither they nor the media have very much to say about the NDP owing taxpayers nearly $4 million...

Really? How surprised will Alberta voters be in the next year?

Premier Rachel Notley says she and her cabinet have been surprised by the state of Alberta's finances in the first few days since the NDP took over from Jim Prentice and the Progressive Conservatives.

"There's no question that as we get briefed we are starting to find that the challenges are a bit bigger than what may have been featured in the Prentice government's campaign," Notley said Wednesday after her cabinet met for the first time.

Albertans are going to get the surprise of their lives with an anti-oil premier. They can say good-bye to their economy.

It's time to shoot down a Russian fighter jet:

Russia and NATO have begun rival military exercises in the latest sign of rising tensions in eastern and central Europe.

About 250 aircraft and 12,000 servicemen will take part in Russian combat readiness drills over the Ural Mountains and Siberia in what the country’s defence ministry has called a “massive surprise inspection.”

The exercises, launched on Monday and involving aviation and air defence forces in Russia’s central military district, began on the same day NATO started long-planned exercises in the Arctic.

Dmitry Rogozin, Russian Deputy Prime Minister in charge of defence, joked on national television “that tanks don’t need visas.”

The Vatican calls the "yes" vote in Ireland's referendum to legalise same-sex marriage "a defeat for humanity":

The Irish vote to allow same-sex marriage was a "defeat for humanity", a senior Vatican official has said in the first high-level reaction from the Holy See to last week's landmark referendum.

While the tiny minority of First World complainers labours under the silly misconception that this referendum means the world, homosexuals are still killed in the Middle East.

Nothing to see here, I suppose.

Also "nothing to see here":

In the end, nothing illustrated the absurdity of Women Cross DMZ, the march to end the Korean War, better than the fact that it began with homages to Kim Il-Sung, the man who started the Korean War. Its emotional apex was reduced to a bus ride and a wait in an immigration line. It ended with organizer Christine Ahn ducking reporters to avoid questions about her reported comments praising Kim Il Sung (here’s the original Korean article from Pyongyang’s Rodong Sinmun). It was left to Gloria Steinem and unnamed march organizers to deny the statements and protest against the Rodong Sinmun‘s reporting on Ahn’s behalf, pitting Ahn and Women Cross DMZ against Pyongyang’s propagandists. 


Gloria Steinem must have had her first reservations about “Women Cross DMZ” when the march’s organizer was outed as a North Korean apologist, and reporters began to ask her uncomfortable questions about North Korea’s war on women. Since then, Steinem has had to duck questions about the regime’s rape and murder of female prisoners, the endemic and unpunished rapes of North Korean women by its soldiers, and the infanticides and forced abortions this regime inflicts on North Korean refugee women and their babies. Steinem dismissed calls to speak up for North Korea’s millions of vulnerable women as “a bananas question.”
At the end of the day, white liberals care about white liberals and their shaky, immoral ideologies.


Why "trans" groups should be seen as insane:

When a child is born, their name, date of birth and sex are recorded on their birth certificate. ...

But a group of transgender British Columbians wants that to end. They’ve filed a complaint with the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal alleging that identifying newborns as male or female discriminates against transgender individuals.

“Every time a compulsorily gendered person is requested to produce a birth certificate which does not ‘match’ either their gender identity or their gender presentation or both, they are exposed to ridicule, censure, discrimination and/or life-threatening danger,” says the complaint filed by the Trans Alliance Society and eight transgender people.

Does one know who should be exposed to ridicule? Crazy people who hate the obvious biological differences between the sexes.

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