Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Mid-Week Mellow

Time to chill....

Batman pancakes are real:

Your pancakes are missing something—they don't have the bat symbol branded into them. Luckily, there are two cafes in Malaysia that have all the DC comics-themed food you could want. From Batman pizza to Wonder Woman burgers, they will feed your comics appetite.

These novel cafes are now in Kuala Lumpur and Johor, Malaysia, with another being planned for Singapore. They're owned by JT Network and are officially licensed to sell DC Comics merchandise.

The cafes are completely decked out in superhero decor. The menus look like comics books, the food has superhero symbols on it, and the chairs are spray painted with bat symbols. There are blue Superman ice cubes served in Superman glasses. Even the fruit is cut into tiny bat shaped pieces.
Want to Write Batman? Here’s Your Chance
Hungering for justice and snacks are two different things.
That's not a sword:

A store owner in Pittsburgh turned the tables on two masked teens on a mission to rob the store Friday night. ...

One of the men pulled out a foot-long machete and demanded money, but the store owner pulled out his own, bigger sword and chased the duo out of the store.

these images, now known across the world, are recognized as static scenes, but a japanese artist who works under the name segawa thirty-seven has activated the stationary scenery though animation. a series of gifs bring hokusai’s compositions to life, some with quirky additions like spaceships, aliens and laser beams, others more whimsically animating slowly-moving kites and a slight breeze.

Ladies and gentlemen, Yvonne Craig:

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