Saturday, August 29, 2015

Saturday Night Special

Because Rex Murphy:

The Duffy lemon has been thoroughly squeezed and the pips have squeaked their last. It’s been in the media blender so long — 45 days of trial, months and months of saturation media coverage — that there’s now not even a scent, a mist, of juice left. The pulp has been utterly mashed, even the peel riven to its constituent atoms. When the trial does resume in November it will offer more reminiscence than revelation. This lemon is done.

Lullabies to sleep with one eye open:

In Russia, it’s a wolf that’s going to get you off the edge of your bed and drag you off into the woods.
Sleep sleep sleep
Don’t lie too close to the edge of the bed
Or little grey wolf will come
And grab you by the flank,
Drag you into the woods
Underneath the willow root.

Yes, I gathered that:

Trudeau’s plan calls for spending in three areas, public transit, social infrastructure and green infrastructure. Most of the things he is promising to spend federal tax dollars on fall well outside of federal jurisdiction. ...

Beheading of John the Baptist

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