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A year ago today, two Muslim converts killed Patrice Vincent and Nathan Cirillo.

Do not forget.

With a net worth of $1.2 million, I expect Prime Minister-Elect Trulander to pay his fair share. He did, after all, campaign on it:

Canada's highest income earners face the prospect of higher taxes under a new Liberal majority government, but those in the middle can expect a break.

Keith MacIntyre, a tax specialist at accounting and consulting firm Grant Thornton, says people in the middle tax brackets could see a reduction in the federal income tax they'll be required to pay if Justin Trudeau's promises are put in place.

"Certainly people in those brackets will be looking forward to that in terms of additional cash flow," MacIntyre said from Halifax.

The prime minister-designate campaigned relentlessly on a plan to help what he described as Canada's middle class.

Under the party's platform, the Liberals pledged to cut the middle income-tax bracket to 20.5 per cent from 22 per cent. However, to help pay for the cut, the party has promised to create a new federal tax bracket of 33 per cent for those earning more than $200,000 a year.

The increase means that the top marginal income tax rate in Canada is set to be between 43 per cent and 58.75 per cent depending on the province, according to TD Bank. The bank says New Brunswick will have the highest combined rate, while Nova Scotia, Quebec and Ontario are also expected to have a combined marginal rate above 50 per cent.

(Sidebar: Liberal provinces. Carry on.)

"It is going to be a new day for high-rate income earners in terms of the percentage rates they are going to pay," MacIntyre said.

Those in the lowest tax brackets won't see a change in their tax bills under the Liberal plan, but if they have children, the party's new child benefit is expected to put more money in their pockets.

Not even a million working Canadians bring home an income of $200,000 and more. Not counting harmonised sales taxes, inflation or other factors, a small amount of Canadians who don't (or can't) place their money elsewhere will be depended upon to fund Justin's pet projects.

Thank your neighbourhood Liberal voter for this tax grab.

Don't forget to thank your friends, Justin (just like Kathleen Wynne did):

Justin Trudeau’s decision to name former senior bureaucrat Peter Harder to help manage his transition into government sends a signal to Canada’s demoralized public service that they will be listened to under the Liberals, say former bureaucrats.

This Peter Harder:

1 524 000 Microns of Uproar cares not for Prime Minister Trulander:

Since entering public life on the day of his father’s funeral, Justin has gone from being “The Next Prime Minister of Canada!” to “The Utterly, Absolutely, Guaranteed Unelectable Human Punchline” to “The Next Prime Minister of Canada!”—a cycle that has repeated again and again during the previous decade, until suddenly screeching to (at least as far as millions of us are concerned) the wrong stop.
Hey, how much do you want to be that PM-Elect Trulander is easily distracted by those laser pointers people use to tease kitties?

Because Mark Steyn:

Most people want to think of themselves as "nice", and so it's easier to welcome the increasing presence of shrouded women on the streets of Canada as a deepening of our heartwarming embrace of self-affirmation-by-multiculturalism, rather than something that mocks any conventional notions of women's rights. Yet, whatever disquiet might be felt, they will take their signal from their politicians, and fall silent on the matter.

How many women have said no to sharia law and ended up scarred or dead?

Will there be a season of discontent in North Korea?

A North Korean defector said Pyongyang’s Workers’ Party is “imploding” due to Kim Jong Un’s inconsistent policies, and grievances against the leader have soared since he fully assumed power.

The former party cadre, who spoke to Yonhap on the condition of anonymity, said Kim often finds fault with “old and senile party members,” and his disparaging remarks have often placed him at odds with veteran politicians appointed by former leader Kim Jong Il. Kim has said North Korean politicians with decades of experience are ineffective workers, according to the defector.

Demoralized cadres have said that “there is no future” for North Korea since Kim came to power, and pessimism is pervasive in government, according to the defector identified as “A.” The defector said the execution of Kim’s uncle Jang Song Thaek was shocking for North Korea’s elite, and signs of conflict have emerged since Kim replaced older bureaucrats with new appointees.

The report cites Kim Jong-Un’s purges, and perceptions that his work ethic is inferior to that of his predecessors, as the cause of the loss of trust and confidence. 

I'd suggest that there was a loss of trust at the very beginning of the Kim Dynasty.

The Queen of the Nile ended her life in 30BC and it has always been held that it was the bite of an asp – now called the Egyptian cobra – which caused her demise. 
Now Christoph Schaefer, German historian and professor at the University of Trier, is presenting evidence that aims to prove drugs and not the reptile were the cause of death. 


Cleopatra VII Thea Philopator

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