Sunday, October 18, 2015

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On the eve of the election...

About that...

In this election, the only viable choices were a man who is an economist but a slippery eel, a French citizen who has no problem subsidising his projects with other people's money and a trustifarian whom many believe deserves to lead the country because his dad did.

The choices are really not that complicated. One man is capable, the other is not.

After initially campaigning on pot legalisation (because that's what the kids need these days!), deriding a popular anti-ISIS policy with some form of crude humour (let's not forget those winter jackets!), defending a misogynist face-covering and eventually coming up with something that resembles a political platform, Justin Trudeau blurted out what is still just gob-smacking. During one of the debates, Trudeau said outright that he would run deficits:

...we have a plan, a strong and clear plan to invest in the middle class, to grow the economy, give it a kick-start it needs, and put more money in Canadians’ pockets. It starts with actually raising taxes on the wealthiest one percent so we can lower them for the middle class. It starts with investing in Canada once again: in roads; in clean water; in transit; in jobs. And when we talk about that investment, we’re very clear. We’re going to run three modest deficits in order to pay for it.

(Sidebar: note the middle-class theme stolen from Obama. Way to be original.)

Deficits. Plural.

That's debt.

Who in their right minds would max out their credit cards, empty out their bank accounts and not pay rent or mortgage in hopes in doing so they would run successful households?

That's just nutty.

If elected, Trudeau promises carbon taxes (even though neither or anyone else has a clear policy on carbon pricing).

Does one know what is comprised of carbon?

Practically everything and it's not a pollutant.

Carbon taxes are ineffective and only place financial burden on lower-income individuals and families.

If First World countries like Norway and Australia see how futile carbon taxes are, why would Canada's adopting them make sense?

As much as Trudeau may loathe the "politics of fear", he doesn't hesitate to use them to his advantage. When kids washed up in Turkey become passe, it is time for the Liberal focus to shift to unvetted sharmutas whose distaste for Canada is palpable. Then watch as a partisan popular press characterises prudent electoral policy as "anti-Muslim" and vetting Syrian refugees as anti-immigrant.

The Conservatives promised to re-settle North Korean refugees so there's that anti-immigration smack for youTrudeau admires the very dictatorship- China- that forcibly returns these refugees. And given his - and his father's- ties to Chinese powerhouses, there is nothing to laud.

It would suicidal to hand this country over to a sock puppet. 
We can't let it happen.
Palestinians in Jerusalem, more than a third of the city’s population, have awoken to a new reality: Israeli troops are encircling Arab neighborhoods, blocking roads with concrete cubes the size of washing machines and ordering some of those leaving on foot to lift their shirts to show they are not carrying knives.
 The unprecedented clampdown is meant to halt a rash of stabbings of Israelis. Many of the attacks were carried out by residents of east Jerusalem, the sector captured and annexed by Israel in 1967 and claimed by Palestinians as a future capital.
Ah, the misty gray memories of the way we were.

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