Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Government They Deserve

I've seriously under-estimated the idiocy of people who live in Canada (not Canadians as that noun is as filthy a term as "mentally ill trans-sexual" and "barbaric practices").

With their help, the help of a senile popular press and some very wealthy backers (Liberals run with that crowd), Pierre Trudeau's worthless son is now in a position to turn Canada into a colder version of Greece.

I will explain things carefully because Liberal voters don't have the higher reasoning skills that homo sapiens should have like how how much Trudeau's new government will tax you back into the Stone Age or how tax benefits for children's sports or arts programs work as well as the intricate UCCB (don't worry- Trudeau will get rid of them both).

The gaffe-prone dilettante has promised to run deficits. Three of them. Three periods of debt that will not in any way build the economy, infrastructure or credit rating.

We’re going to run three modest deficits in order to pay for it.

Ask Kathleen Wynne about credit ratings.

Ontario has been slow to fully roll out the spending controls and revenue measures needed to eliminate its structural operating deficit, which has caused its tax-supported debt level to approximately double since fiscal 2008,” S&P’s ratings release states, suggesting the government has not been aggressive enough in cutting spending. It also notes “Ontario is a sustained and projected underperformer on its budgetary performance and debt burden versus domestic and international peers.”

That means S&P believe Ontario is lagging behind comparable governments. Quebec, for example, expects to return to surplus this year, while Ontario ran a $10.9 billion deficit last year, up $400 million over the previous fiscal year.

(Sidebar: this is bad.)

Let's put this in some sort of perspective: let's say that there is only one Liberal voter in all of Canada (and God willing he will leave and never come back). Imagine taking over forty-five percent of his financial worth (financial worth he can't split with whoever he lives with. Trudeau said he would reverse the Conservatives' income splitting plan. Oh, yes he did) and, instead of using it to prop up and trade its resources, offered it to influence-peddlers of a country that arrests dissidents, forcibly repatriates refugees of a nearby totalitarian state, destroys churches and claims the territorial waters of other nations. Imagine this guy and only this guy had to pay for it.

Look what your taxes pay for, Liberal voters. (source)

It would be great to make sure that Liberals voters and only Liberal voters paid for this sort of thing. Why should everyone else's cash go to waste? They wanted a wasteful corrupt band of thieves and they got it.

Back on point: I know Liberal voters care not for the more sallow of our human brethren, being largely pasty and urban themselves (and let's not forget their hatred of the Jewish state), but if hashtags have taught anyone anything- and they haven't- it's that Asian lives matter.

Not that Justin Trudeau cares or anything.

Indifference is a mark of an empty heart and- in Le Fils' case- an empty head.

Who in their right mind would think that parkas could prevent the rape of Christian and Yazidi girls and women and the unimaginable loss of history and culture?

If only they had parkas.

Care to whip that out, Justin?

Who else can screw over parents of autistic children the way the Liberal Party (by dreadful extension, Liberal voters) can? If they can back a program co-developed by a man who admitted in open court that he wanted to commit acts of incest with his own daughters and who appeared at a Pride event with both Kathleen Wynne and Justin Trudeau, they can do anything.

A screen cap of an online conversation regarding Ben Levin, his involvement in Ontario's controversial sex ed program and what a matter of indifference it is to some.

In wrapping one's ego in shaky political positions like noramlising relations with the mad theocratic state of Iran, Liberal voters, no matter how bovine, heartless and willfully blind, will never admit their folly as the damage to their egos could never stand it.

The only thing they might understand is when they lose it all.

Losing their jobs, houses, pensions, disposable income, everything is actually the best thing that can happen.  Not that by having lost Liberal voters will learn something but that those who have had to suffer because of their spiteful and Cro-Magnon bluster will see them get what they have coming to them at long last.

Karma is a real b!#ch, Liberal voters. Do remember this when you can't shift your wealth around and will then have to give it to the federal equivalent of a rabid squirrel with your car keys.

Try getting those suckers back.

But maybe Justin will screw up before tax time and you won't have to face that dilemma.

After all, he is a sock puppet.

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