Thursday, July 21, 2016

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The murderer of eighty-four people in Nice had been planning the attacks for months:

“The investigation has not only provided more confirmation of the premeditation of the murderous attack of Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, but also establish that he had support and complicity in preparation of his criminal act,” Mr. Molins said.
Among those five people, some are suspected of supplying Lahouaiej Bouhlel with a pistol, which he used to shoot at police while driving a rented truck through crowds of revelers gathered to celebrate France’s national holiday. Police also discovered an arsenal of fake weapons in the back of the truck.

Trudeau has hit a snag with his favourite country:

Canada's push for closer trade ties with China has slowed amid unease with the extent of economic access Beijing is asking for and its human rights record, several sources familiar with the matter said, impeding a top priority for Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Trudeau proclaimed openly that he admired China, whose human rights records was never a secret. His father worshipped Mao Tse Tung, the murderer of seventy million people.

This isn't about human rights. The disagreement is over money.

Guarantee it.


The testimony given by Christian NGO Samaritan’s Purse working on the ground in Northern Iraq, revealed a systematic conspiracy by Muslim UN aid workers to trap Yazidis in the refugee camps.

Raija-Lissa Schmidt-Teigen of Samaritan’s Purse testified via Skype from Northern Iraq and said Yazidis are not being placed on refugee lists used by Canada to get access to refugees. She said muslim UN aid workers in the refugee camps are actively discriminating against Yazidis making them wait up to six years before they can enter the refugee system.

This evidence utterly destroys a CBC story from earlier this week in a hit piece they ran against the former Conservative government about an immigration audit, revealing that out of a sample 500 Syrian refugees taken in by Canada, only three were Yazidis. The CBC used this as an attack against the former Conservative government’s refugee policy but in reality, these numbers prove that under Conservatives, Canada was taking in as many Yazidis as they could get access to given that the Yazidis aren’t making it onto the refugee lists at all.

I'm sure the prime minister's office will explain how "disgusting" this all is.

An agency of the government of Ontario endorses Al Sahara, a Muslim newspaper in which Jews are blamed for the Holocaust:

Beneath the headline “The Question Which Everyone Ignores: Why Did Hitler Kill the Jews?”, the article in the June/July edition of Al Saraha also blames the Jews for Germany’s “economic collapse” in the 1920s and for promoting “promiscuity … homosexuality … every type of sexual deviance.”

“This Jewish propaganda succeeded,” the article says, “until it became prevalent throughout the media that six million Jews were victims of Hitler, even though the total number of Jews in Germany was less than a quarter of this figure that they say Hitler burned!”

The article was reprinted from al-Masry al-Youm, an Egyptian daily newspaper operating in a notoriously anti-Semitic media landscape.

Al Saraha is distributed in Middle Eastern restaurants and grocery stores throughout the Greater London area. It is recommended as a source for immigrant news by the London and Middlesex Local Immigration Partnership, an Ontario government-funded agency. ...
After tipping off London police, B’nai Brith contacted Premier Kathleen Wynne’s office. In addition to ads for London real estate brokers, wellness clinics and divorce lawyers, the paper featured a full-page message from the “Ontario Liberal Caucus” offering the London Arab community its “best wishes” for Ramadan.

This is where Ontario Liberal voters' tax dollars go.

(Paws up

Why is Elections Canada essentially leading the cause for workers who allege they were insulted?

When Aisha and Maryama Hassan rode a bus home together after the federal election, they were surprised to find that they each had a similar story to tell the other.

The sisters both worked for Elections Canada that night and said they were victims of racial and anti-Muslim discrimination. Elections Canada is urging them to file formal complaints.

“Any elector who feels the process did not serve them… should certainly report it to us,” Elections Canada spokesperson John Enright, who called the allegations “unacceptable,” said. “If at the end of the inquiry it’s found that something did in fact occur… those people will not be retained in any future federal election, period.”

Maryama said a coworker made discriminatory comments suggesting that people who wear niqabs look like ninjas. Aisha, who took prayer breaks during her shift, alleges a supervisor criticized her for it.

Premiers in meeting in Whitehorse promise to waste more time and money:

Speaking in Gatineau, Que., Trudeau cited recent negotiations on the Canada Pension Plan as a sign that provinces can work together. Wynne and Clark expressed confidence a new Canada Pension Plan deal will be ratified, but probably not at the Whitehorse meetings.

The premiers are also expected to discuss health care, climate change and pension reform. One proposition that is almost guaranteed will be a call for more health-care funding.

"I know there will be a conversation at the table of what the expectations are across the country," said Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne.

Premier Dwight Ball of Newfoundland and Labrador said his cash-strapped province faces a spike in medical costs as the population ages.

Okay, what the hell?

Police in South Florida shot an unarmed black caretaker Monday as he tried to help his autistic patient.
Charles Kinsey was trying to retrieve a young autistic man who had wandered away from an assisted living facility and was blocking traffic when Kinsey was shot by a North Miami police officer.

In cell phone footage of the incident that emerged Wednesday, Kinsey can be seen lying on the ground with his hands in the air, trying to calm the autistic man and defuse the situation seconds before he is shot.

“All he has is a toy truck in his hand,” Kinsey can be heard saying in the video as police officers with assault rifles hide behind telephone poles approximately 30 feet away.

“That’s all it is,” the caretaker says. “There is no need for guns.”

Seconds later, off camera, one of the officers fired his weapon three times.

A girl who was caught stealing later returned to shoot the store-owners who let her go:

A 13-year-old suburban St. Louis girl shot and critically wounded a couple who had let her go with a warning earlier that day after catching her and a friend trying to steal from their beauty shop, authorities said Wednesday.

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