Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Mid-Week Mellow

A merry Saint David's Day to all y'all...

Beginning March in a mellow way...

March may have begun with a solemn Ash Wednesday but it doesn't have to end that way:


Everyone's favorite neighbor, Fred Rogers, was born on March 20, 1928 and this holiday now serves as an occasion to remember the beloved TV star, and honor him by being kind, generous, and, well, downright neighborly.


Yep, this guy

I've always like the sawing-the-lady-in-half trick but this may have gone too far:

Red Yao women and their hair-cutting ceremony:

Once considered too sacred to be seen by anyone except for a woman's family, long hair is believed to bring family wealth, success, and luck. The Red Yao typically bind their hair—which can reach lengths of more than 6 feet—under head scarves, but at the festival they let their strands loose, washing them with fermented rice water, and combing them straight. As for haircuts, those occur even less frequently: Red Yao women reportedly only cut their hair once in their lifetime, when they're finally ready to get married.


They were the brave furry and feathered soldiers of the First World War:

A bear mascot climbs up on the shoulders of a soldier.
"Advancing on the western front. Bring hunny."

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