Wednesday, March 08, 2017

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Nineteen year old kid beats the odds and hangs on to his nomination:

Ontario’s youngest ever MPP Sam Oosterhoff fought off a challenge from within his party to earn the right to represent the Progressive Conservatives in next provincial election.

He defeated Grimsby regional Coun. Tony Quirk for the Niagara West nomination at the packed Smithville Fairgrounds building Tuesday night.

The political parties in this country are primordial sludge and would stab anyone even remotely principled in the back.

Speaking of primordial sludge:

The federal government plans to spend $650 million over three years for international sexual and reproductive health projects, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said today as he marked International Women’s Day.

(Sidebar: International Women's Day is a fake holiday, like Kwanzaa.)

He said far too many women and girls around the world see reproductive rights violated and, in many cases, are subject to gender and sexual-based violence and “harmful practices” such as female genital mutilation.

Women run a higher risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases, he added.

(Sidebar: oh, really Justin? Did that bother you when you refused to call honour-killing and FGM "barbaric" and when you offered victimised Yazidi children parkas as rape repellent? And how did Yazidi girls and women fare getting raped before you were shamed into let them into Canada? Shouldn't you be defending your tone-deaf wife?)

Unless those minorities are making cheap t-shirts, painting toe nails or voting Liberal, they're not much use, eh, Justin?

Just stick to letting Trump make you pick up the tab for cleaning the Great Lakes. There's a good boy.

"Useful idiots" is putting it mildly, sir:

The term “useful idiot” has been attributed to the Russian revolutionary Vladimir Lenin, who toppled the czar in October, 1917.

Lenin’s exact word in Russian was “simpleton” to describe people in the West who served his purpose, but were neither truly aware of who was using them, nor the cause they served.
On Sunday, a blatant exhibition of “useful idiots” was on display at Toronto City Hall.

This time, they came not to serve Trotsky’s Fourth International, the Sandinistas or the Viet Cong.

This time they came to serve the cause of Islamofascism.

White youths in bandanas and facemasks roughed up Canadians, including their Muslim Canadian allies, who were protesting Liberal MP Iqra Khalid’s “Islamophobia” motion, M-103.

Among the bullied victims of the supposed anti-racist activists, who included communists and Arab Islamists, were Muslim Canadians who were pushed and kicked, their placards seized and torn, with close-up pictures of them taken by a counter protester.

“We fear our pictures were being taken to be passed on to the Pakistani Consulate in Toronto,” said Imtiaz Baloch, a small business owner who escaped Islamic tyranny three decades ago.

Said another protester named Ahmad: “I escaped Pakistan because of the jihadist threat there to liberal values. I never thought that the (jihadi) mindset I escaped, would chase me to Canada.”
Most media did not report on this bizarre nexus of communists working hand-in-hand with Arab Islamists and white anarchists. ...

Khalid, who is the sponsor of M-103, has largely avoided the media, other than to say in Parliament that she has received Islamophobic, racist and threatening messages from opponents of M-103.

But where are the voices of Liberal Muslim MPs who know about the tyranny of Islamism, such as federal Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen and Liberal MP Ali Ehsassi?

Gentlemen, now is the time to show real character and integrity and to stand up against the agenda of the Muslim Brotherhood and Jihadi Islamism.

Face masks? Thuggery?

And the budget is set to be discussed on the same day as this dreadful motion.

It's all a slimy plan.

(Merci beaucoup)

Saudi Arabia funds terrorism. Why take their oil when we can use our own?

The Kingdom has much to offer Canadian companies, with major social infrastructure projects underway, a vibrant business community, and an increasing openness to foreign direct investment. By 2030, the Kingdom plans to privatize hospitals, attract mining investment, adopt new technologies, build new manufacturing facilities in the automotive industry, construct new logistics centres and transition to a green and clean economy that is less, if not at all, dependent on fossil fuels. All of these emerging growth sectors present commercial opportunities for Canadian industries but Ottawa needs to develop a comprehensive Canadian engagement strategy for Saudi Arabia or else Canada will continue to remain a non-priority in Saudi Arabia.

Moving on ...

China is still pulling strings:

Malaysia has warned that an investigation into the murder of the North Korean leader's half brother "may take longer than what we hope," as Pyongyang ally China said on Wednesday that no international action should be considered until it is finished.

It baffles me that no one has a problem with China and its puppet strings. 

Does Trump ask Queen Elizabeth to speak to Trudeau? 

Of course not.

China is an impediment to peace, not an independent arbiter.


Since 2006, China has voted for seven U.N. Security Council resolutions (1695, 1718, 1874, 2087, 2094, 2270 and 2321) and proceeded to violate all seven of them almost immediately. Why? Probably because China’s long-term strategic objective was to use North Korea to intimate South Korea, drive a wedge into the U.S.-South Korean alliance, push U.S. forces out of Korea, and then apply the same strategy to Japan. China probably realizes that by backing Kim Jong-un it’s riding a tiger, but it still prefers coddling a Caligula with nukes to allowing one free Korea to arise on its border. China’s grand strategy stands a strong chance of succeeding. Many South Koreans would sacrifice some of their personal freedom and national independence for fear of war or recession. Right now, the people of South Korea are looking to us. They wonder if they can still count on us. 

I hope so. 


And now, a medical marvel:

Researchers have worked for years on methods to improve and even automate blood glucose monitoring and insulin/drug delivery. For example, insulin pumps make drug delivery easier, and recently designed artificial pancreas systems offer closed-loop monitoring and drug delivery. Now, researchers in Korea have just developed a wearable, and potentially disposable, glucose monitoring and drug-delivery system that uses sweat, not blood, to determine glucose levels.

What you didn't know about Iditarod


Inspired by the Olympic Jamaican bobsled team, a Caribbean tour operator started a Jamaican dog sled team to compete in various races. (It was sponsored by Jimmy Buffett.) In 2010, team member Newton Marshall became the first Jamaican to compete in the Iditarod—he competes independently as Mushin’ Mon Newton. In 2014, he made Iditarod news when he helped rescue another musher who had broken his ankle chasing a loose dog.

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