Thursday, March 30, 2017

This Post Is Islamophobic, Part Deux

Check it out:

Note the shrill cry of the virtue-signaller in her native environment - any arena with an audience. Her floppy hat and large white coat make her appear larger to the other species around her. With several thrusts of her pointed finger, she seems to say: "Beware! If I don't kill you with one blow of my tongue, my ear drum-piercing sanctimony will!"

You're not a hero, sweetheart.

If that guy ripped up a Bible, would you be shrieking at him then?

Smart money says no.

And one certainly does not hear any outrage over the desecrated religious texts, churches, temples, statues and homes of religious minorities in Muslim-majority countries. Surely that deserves outcries heard all around the world.

For an ostensibly secular school board to allow services where girls are relegated to the back of a gathering and where students can submit any sermon they like at prayers services that should not even be taking place, the Peel District School Board is decidedly partisan. Do things get as heated when Christmas rolls around?

Oh, wait...

Does the Peel District School Board feel, as at least one student does, that "God only loves Muslims"?

Would expecting secular schools to be completely secular be considered Islamophobic and require punishment?

On Mar. 24, 2017, an anti-terrorism court in Pakistan placed three online bloggers in the custody of a security agency, so they could be investigated and interrogated on blasphemy charges, resulting from what M-103 would define as their “Islamophobic” comments on social media.

Pakistan’s anti-blasphemy laws include a maximum sentence of imprisonment for life for insulting the Qur'an.

The punishment for insulting Prophet Mohammad can be the death penalty, although it has never been imposed by a court.

At times, however, the interpretation of what constitutes an insult to the Qur’an or Mohammad in Pakistan is not decided in court, but left in the hands of street mobs, zealots, and any Muslim who feels offended by what someone else has said or done.

Just as “Islamophobia” remains undefined in the M-103 motion passed in the Parliament of Canada, what constitutes an act of “insulting the Qur’an” in Pakistan is often arbitrary.

Haven't the powers-that-be sorted that out yet? People could be doing a kazillion Islamophobic things and could be getting away with it.

I'm sure that by even posting this, I'm making Baby Iqra Khalid cry but I don't think that I am alone in pointing out the cultural, logical and political dissonance it takes to elevate a pernicious ideology over all else and call it equality. It will certainly not score the Peel District School Board any points as it is slowly digested by the thing it allows, not reasonable accommodation but capitulation.

(Paws up)

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