Friday, June 29, 2018

The Party of Failure

It never ends with these guys:

The Liberals have nominated their first candidate for next year's federal election.

At a Toronto-area rally Wednesday evening that included a speech by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Navdeep Bains was acclaimed as the Liberal candidate in Mississauga-Malton.

The minister of innovation, science and economic development says he will run a positive campaign and will steer clear of fear-based politics.

He says the economy will be the party's number-one priority.

Trudeau, meantime, doubled down on his positive approach and the "sunny ways" campaign that brought his party to power in 2015.

He says negativity will surround both him and the party in the year ahead.

"Around the world, the politics of division, of polarization, of populism are taking more and more hold," Trudeau said to a cheering crowd of hundreds at a convention centre in Mississauga, Ont.
"We have to demonstrate here in Canada, for ourselves, for our communities, for our kids — but also for the world — that those don't always work."

The Liberals said last week that more nominations will take place at "a very quick pace" throughout the summer.

Yeah, Justin: 

Justin Trudeau caused uproar in the House of Commons today after he called Federal Environment Minister Peter Kent a “piece of shit” during a heated question time debate over the Kyoto Protocol.


When Government House Leader Bardish Chagger rose to answer, Trudeau quietly heckled Mulcair, who last year lost a party confidence vote but is remaining NDP leader until the fall.

"It's amazing the NDP rejected him," says a voice that sounds like Trudeau (about 47 seconds into the video above).


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau manhandled a male Conservative MP, told another group of MPs to “get the f— out of his way”, and elbowed a female New Democrat — all of it on the floor of the House of Commons Wednesday evening, prompting one of the most bizarre parliamentary melees in decades.


Question period started off Monday with questions over a tweet sent out by the PM’s Principal Secretary, referring to alt-right media as Nazis, after criticism over Trudeau’s “peoplekind” comment.


The groping allegation against Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is an exquisite case of poetic justice. By not personally addressing the allegation, he is hoping the public will ignore the blatant inconsistency between how he judges others and how he hopes he will be judged himself.

(Sidebar: the way people ignored these accusations of sexual harassment and how the Liberals closed ranks and press over the creeps in their midst.)


Trudeau spokesman Cameron Ahmad recently said, “Social media companies should immediately take action to fight back against those who deceive and manipulate for political gain…. Right now it remains clear that more action must be taken.”
Note how the Liberals are only worried when people are making fun of them. All of a sudden it becomes a societal issue, and ‘deception’ on social media is a huge concern for the government – despite all the lies they’ve told.

(Sidebar: whoa! Fascist, much?)

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