Saturday, April 28, 2007

End of the Month Randomness! Everything Must Go!

To wit-

Is this Iraq? Wow! What an oasis! It's too bad Saudi-funded terrorists (militia-men if you're Michael "I'm Too Sexy for My Fat" Moore) are killing its citizens. Arabs stand by Arabs, I guess- so they can kill them better.

Iraq is a war that is fought by the media, not by bombs or guns which studies indicate are supremely beneficial for such things. What I'm trying to say is: guns don't kill people; believers of an Arab pedophile do.

I'd like to apologise for using the word "sexy" in conjunction with "Michael Moore". Nothing about that opportunistic, lying slob is in any way appealing and I apologise without reservation (something Shinzo Abe can't do- hiyoooooo!). It will never happen again.

Speaking of sexy, this might be old news if you actually still watch the should-be-defunct TV series, ER, but Goran Visnjic is leaving. Why didn't he leave before they wrote his character into the ground? All those wasted seasons! He could have appeared on a TV series as a sexy lawyer working in a sexy law firm trying sexy cases.

Okay, I'll stop saying sexy.

But one thing I won't stop doing is rocking!

Speaking of that, a good friend had the grandest generosity to send me a Patty Griffin CD. If you haven't had your Patty Griffin fix, get it.

By request, a comment on the pet poisonings. I am not wholly familiar with the cases but reports have it that food made from contaminated grain from China sickened or killed family pets. China has apologised for something it claims it is not responsible for. What? This is too much! Like China hasn't done something to maim or otherwise screw with the rest of the world (SARS, Tibet, its own people, Falun Gong, North Korea). Why have anything to do with China at all?

Why hasn't this and this incurred the wrath of PETA? Oh yeah- special interest groups, lawsuits and all that. A rock, a hard place and completely screwed.

If you haven't bought a copy of Mark Steyn's America Alone, do so. I ordered it because I knew I wouldn't get it at Indigo's or Chapter's. Apparently, this best-seller is just not popular, which is why it is a best seller. Anyway, I started reading it and I'm already in the middle.

And now for a surprise.

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