Thursday, April 19, 2007

What Else...?

Do we need any more reasons why North Korea and its backer, China, are evil?

There should be no quarter given to China or Russia, the very countries that have conspired to keep Korea separate since its liberation. Hold them responsible for allowing everything that has gone on up until this point. I'm sure the survivors of the North Korean regime will take care of Kim Il-Sung's fat progeny themselves (Satan has a good grasp of Il-Sung's love handles as we speak).
As for the South Koreans' morally lazy government, well... can one teach empathy?

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i rock the camera said...

History repeats itself and we learn nothing from it every time. The problem with SoKo's attitude toward NoKo is that they don't REALLY believe anything bad will happen. It's like they think if they just keep playing nice they will just wake up one blessed day and Jong-il will have changed his mind and they can all begin the process of reunification of the country. It isn't going to happen. Jong-il will re-engage the Korean War before that will happen. And since he's in bed with Russia, China, and Iran (all the nasty guy with serious nukes) you can bet that if the KW ever gets started again, SoKo will not survive it.