Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Authors of Our Own Destruction

If destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be its author and finisher.

The Perpetuation of Our Political Institutions:
Address Before the Young Men's Lyceum of Springfield, Illinois

Cases in point:

Special-needs children were left to die in an Iraqi orphanage. Parallels to orphanages in Russia and Romani are drawn. The countdown to American blame is on.

The Satanic Verses author, Salman Rushdie, is awarded a knighthood and Pakistan threatens attacks. The level of dhimmitude that has gripped parts of western Europe and North America is so great that someone will likely placate these bearded fascists. Margaret Thatcher never placated the IRA and she was a real...

Moving on....

A rough creature slouches before Bethlehem. If the Palestinian Christians entertained any illusions that the same Muslims who blow themselves up and invaded the Church of the Nativity were their friends, they should no longer do so. It is also time they stopped running. Bethlehem is Jesus' land. People have run from Christ before and it's never ended well.

Similarly, Gaza Christians are warned to submit to Islam (which, I'm sure, some will liken to a spiritual quest). Submit to this.

I thought hogwans were supposed to make people smarter. Not Ban Ki-Moon, obviously. Global warming triggered the crisis in Darfur, not the Arab-backed Janjaweed.

The UN continues to be sickening.

North Korea fires another missile. South Korea does nothing as its end approaches.

North Korean lackies go bankrupt. Japan still wants a pound of flesh (well, so does everyone who has been invaded by Japan).

Korean presidential hopeful, Lee Myun-Bak, proves he is no better than any other craven capitalist out to make a won over North Korea. Kaesong is, in truth, an intended North Korean cash-cow, part owned by various South Korean companies. It is not as lucrative as some may have wanted it, however.

Now they've done it! No one messes with Christmas! Can we stop with the multi-cultural, feel-good sentiment now and tell the ingrates to go to hell?

The Vatican issues Ten Commandments for drivers. Who says the Church is never involved?


Anonymous said...

You are a credit to your parents...whoever they are.

Katie said...

I wasn't surprised to hear about the children. EVERYTHING about Iraq is a mess. This is what makes me the most angry about Bush getting us into this mess, is the total and complete miscalculation and underestimation of Arab Islamic culture. Had Bush slowed down, listened to advice, and gave this deep intellectual consideration he would have discovered that trying to do anything to help Arab Muslims is ALWAYS going to blow up (pun intended) in your face. But then again, that brings me to the second reason Bush's decision makes me so angry--that is was based on NOTHING at all. That's why he was so damn quick to believe false intelligence about WMD. He wanted to go in there and break badass on Saddam and because he's arrogant and prideful he actually thought there would be no ramifications. Bush will never admit failure, even as the Christians of Iraq are being tortured, killed and flushed into oblivion.

We should have gone into Sudan and straightened out the Janjaweed, then the world would not only have been proud of America but they would have backed us financially and militarily as well.

Good stuff happened in Afghanistan, however. Now THAT was a good decision, going in and kicking the shit out of the Taliban. But the job is not complete and because of Iraq our miltary is stretched thin. And Karzai is constantly bitching about America, the military and Bush. The very people that saved his country and gave him power!!!! You CANNOT be brothers with Islamists--period. THEY. DO. NOT. CARE. ABOUT. YOU. PERIOD.