Friday, June 29, 2007

Fat, Dumb White Guys

Or one fat, stupid white guy in particular.

Michael Moore's obsession with Canada- a country in which 60% of the citizens would fail their own citizenship test (apparently only six out of ten polled can recite the first two lines of "O Canada")- should actually be a national embarrassment. Not only are Canadians not up to his intellectual snuff (re: POLL, COMPLETE INABILITY TO PASS CITIZENSHIP TEST) but I personally doubt that Moore would give up his wealth and celebrity (or should that be notoriety?) by renouncing his American citizenship for Canadian citizenship which would entail higher taxes, longer waits for a GP and for various medical services, as well as in the emergency room (indeed, this report suggests that there is dissatisfaction of the current system. Strange.), no absolute right to property, a skewed electoral process and lower audience levels. Out of a country of over 31 million people, halve that significantly by those who cannot by his books or see his "movies", don't know who he is, or don't care, and those who don't like him. He can prove me wrong, but his record at proving anything is extremely poor.

Several cases in point:

The French are so far in the red, they can't actually pay for their own healthcare, despite what Moore claims in his new "movie", "Sicko".

Cuba is a Third-World dictatorship whose hospitals can be described as "filthy". There are no basic medicines. People die from conditions that would be treatable in the US and Canada (yes, Canada).

He's not working-class, nor is he from Flint, Michigan. What a pretender to the blue-collar throne.

The one "blue-collar job" he had he quit. This little lie is listed with the complete omissions of terrorist training camps, Saddam Hussein's dictatorial rule of Iraq and the Taliban in Afghanistan. Has he been under a rock that he does not know what's going on? A million-dollar rock in Manhattan, maybe.

Moore has no problem taking support from terrorists, such is his hatred for America, the only country that would allow him to be a big, fat, albeit rich, liar.

The healthcare system in Canada is not universal. Dental health and drug plans are covered separately. Various procedures and treatments are no covered at all. A family friend- a nurse who worked in the system was betrayed by the system. She had a kind of cancer that was not covered under our "universal" system. She has since passed on. To me, she embodies the failure of a system that was supposed to help her. In America, you don't get what you don't pay for. In Canada- at least for my friend- you don't get what you DO pay for. There is a good set of criticisms here. Better yet, just ask sick Canadians- or any Canadian who has been in a Canadian hospital- how satisfied they are. Moore never factored this in. Canada is the opposite of the US. It has to be, or wannabe socialist/uber-capitalist Moore could not function.

Charlton Heston in Bowling for Columbine seemed to change his neckties in under two seconds. His infamous (at least by Moore) speeches after the deaths at a high school in Columbine were the height of insensitivity- if they occurred, which they did not. There are several factual errors in that "movie", as well as others, but this one stands out for me.

In short, Michael Moore is incapable of exerting any intellectual effort into anything. It is easier to lie than it is to tell the truth, that being that Moore is despicable man whose hatred of the very system that allows him to do what he does and get away with it get in the way of very simple truths.


Katie said...

Great post!

MM is a hateful, angry man. He's angry that the world isn't the way he thinks it should be. And he's angry that he's so obese that when he was a guest on The View a week ago he took up the whole couch. I'm not making fun of obese people but there is psychological proof that when people hate their bodies they turn their anger outwards in many ways.

When I saw him on The View (I only watched a clip because Star Parker--very cool lady--I said Star PARKER, not Star JONES--was on there--I only saw a short clip and then I stopped watching because it made me gag when MM declared himself an active, church-going Catholic. Please, he hates the Catholic Church, too.

That said, I do think MM has made some valid points here and there. I thought there were parts to BFC that were very spot on. His disgust at how big businesses have outsourced to foreign countries and destroyed entire towns in the heart of America was justified. So I'll give the fat man that much. But despite that, MM is a major con artist and a master manipulator. Farenheit 911 was hideously disingenuous just like the man himself.

I can't imagine being married to this angry slob.

Anonymous said...

I personally think Michael Moore is great!
And he is great...he is an Academy Award-winning American film director, producer, and author.
He puts his money where his mouth is, that's for sure.
My brother sat with his parents at the Canadian film festival.
They are extremely proud of his political activist outspoken views on globalization, large corporations, gun violence, the Iraq War, Bush, health care and other domestic and international issues.
I say kudos to him in everything he does!
Charlton Heston, however, is still acting like he's Moses.

Anonymous said...

Being an American Award winner does not make you an instant expert or noble person. A person can still be against gun violence, the Iraq war and Bush w/out manipulating the truth. He is a liar. It's been proven by many people. His work(or lack thereof) is less a comment on him than it is on the viewers who support him. They are a group of people who will accept a 2 hr film as truth rather than do any sort of research themselves. Why am I not surprised? Society is lazy and lacks conviction. When I saw 'Braveheart' I immediately researched the life of William Wallace and understood that the film was loosely based on the historical life of WW. This film does not purport to be a DOCUMENTARY and therefore, it's message of freedom, love, etc. is still valid. Moore does purport his work to be documentary when it is clearly not. He has skewed genres much like Dan Brown had done with 'The DaVinci Code.'

Anonymous said...

Once again, nail hit right on the head. How do you manage to find such wonderful information on this "gentleman" and everyone else seems to miss it?

That's right. You don't burry your head in the sand. Kudos.

~Your Brother~

Anonymous said...

"The truth is out there"

Anonymous said...

Long live Michael Moore. (and Al Gore too). Bush sucks!!!