Thursday, January 12, 2012

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Some quick thoughts...

Why are foreigners dictating what we can't do with OUR national resources?

For Canadians, the public hearings into the proposed Northern Gateway project, is an important opportunity for serious stakeholders to discuss the impacts and benefits for our country of a pipeline carrying oil from Alberta to Kitimat, B.C.

For the foreign-backed Dogwood Initiative they’re an opportunity to hijack the approval process — or as Dogwood actually calls it, a chance to “Mob the Mic.”

Seriously. That’s the name Dogwood gave its campaign to sign up as many of their activists as possible to deliberately bog down the hearings process. Of the astounding 4,000 people registered to testify before the panel, Dogwood says its campaign succeeded in signing up 1,600! Forty percent of the registered witnesses are apparently being sent to the hearings by one single anti-oil organization. They’re swarming these important hearings.  And Dogwood’s proud of it. The folks there are bragging about this.

But then, they had a mission to accomplish. This appears to be what they were paid to do by their foreign backers. The Seattle-based foundation started by software billionaire James Letwin paid Dogwood $25,000 to run a campaign against the “threat” of the Enbridge pipeline to the B.C. coast. Clearly the most efficient way to block this pipeline is to make sure it never gets approved — by swamping the approval process with an army of activists.

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Do watch.

For the record, Galen of Pergamon was the first to use catgut sutures and the Chinese, before da Vinci, built rudimentary models for vertical flight similar to helicopters.

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And now, gigantic dogs, big babies.

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