Thursday, January 12, 2012

Stuff For a Thursday

Quite a few things, actually.

Trouble for those whose tears for the late fat SOB dictator leader Kim Jong-Il were deemed insufficient:

 “authorities are handing down at least six months in a labor-training camp to anybody who didn’t participate in the organized gatherings during the mourning period, or who did participate but didn’t cry and didn’t seem genuine,” according to the Daily NK.

“The party conducted surveys to see who displayed the most grief, and made this an important criterion in assessing party members’ loyalty,” Yop wrote. “Patients who remained in hospitals and people who drank and made merry even after hearing news of their leader’s death were all singled out for punishment.”

Where are the apologists for the Kim dynasty now? If you failed to shed a tear for Jack Layton, you were branded as "heartless". If your acting skills are found to be wanting in North Korea, you'll be re-educated faster than Tracy Morgan.

Some people are just scum:

Following are excerpts from a Friday sermon delivered by Egyptian cleric Salem Abu Al-Futuh, which aired on Al-Nas TV on January 6, 2012:

Salem Abu Al-Futuh: They are doing all kinds of things so that people keep suffering. They send Christian missionaries in the form of doctors and nurses, who caress and embrace the child, like they do in the West.

They give him a very beautiful toy, and all of a sudden, they snatch it away from him. When the child screams: “Where is my toy?!”, they say to him: “Muhammad stole it from you.” Thus, from infancy, they make the child hate Muhammad. That’s what they do in Spain.

What can one say other than they are lying sacks of crap?

OPEN CHALLENGE: alright, clerics of the world. If you would just put down your Christian-killing tools for one minute (you, too, acid-throwing bigot), I would like to ask you to prove the above statements. I will gladly post the proof you provide me. It has to be independently verified and not doctored in anyway. Photographs or video would be nice.

Unwilling participants are helping gum up the works for the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline:

What exactly does a woman from Santos, Brazil, know or care about the Northern Gateway proposed pipeline project? It turns out, nothing at all.

In fact, even though Ines Gudic is listed to give an oral presentation to the panel reviewing the proposed Enbridge pipeline from Alberta to B.C., she says she knows nothing about it and never signed up to speak.

“I don’t know what you are talking about,” said the 53-year-old woman on Tuesday from her home. 

“I have never heard of this pipeline and I did not apply to speak in Canada,” she said, in broken English.

That’s strange. On the federal government’s National Energy Board website, Gudic is one of a whopping 4,522 registrants who apparently applied online to make an oral application. Her name, mailing address, e-mail and phone number are included on the website.

Gudic’s daughter, Flavia, also has never heard of the pipeline, that, if approved, would ship raw Alberta bitumen to Kitimat, B.C., to be sent to Asia via supertankers.

“Maybe the environmental organizations we donate to signed us up,” offered Flavia, a 19-year-old art student.

“We donate to Greenpeace and PETA,” she said. “We care about the environment and animals, so that’s what I think happened.”

Later, Flavia Gudic mentioned that her mother also recently watched a movie online about the Spirit Bear, the white bear that lives on an island near Kitimat. She watched the film on the website of The Spirit Bear Youth Coalition, a B.C. environmental group started by Simon Jackson 16 years ago when he was just 13.

But the Gudics are not alone. Elano Ferraz, who lives in Bom Despacho, Brazil, is also listed as one of the thousands of online registrants who is booked as wanting to speak for 10 minutes toward the end of the one-and-a-half-year hearing process.

This, apparently, is considered fair play by eco-activists. I have no problem with people voicing their objections or support for the pipeline. I do object to this obvious scam.

Do note the photos showing everyone how indigenous they are. Because that has everything to do with a pipeline.

From boy-murdering to racism- the true face of Che Guevara:

It’s odd that the left, which prides itself as being a super-tolerant and racist-free bunch, continues to idolize a man who is on record for saying, The Negro is indolent and spends his money on frivolities and booze, whereas the European is forward-looking, organized and intelligent.

Odd, indeed. If by odd, you mean obvious.

When one thinks of "Occupy...", one thinks of filth, rape and now child neglect:

A few days ago the Washington Post revealed that the occupier encampment in the city's McPherson Square has become a rat paradise because of the filth of the inhabitants in their illegal temporary home.

And into this sanitation nightmare parents left their 13month old infant alone the Washington Post reported the following day.  Hearing a baby crying, occupiers notified the police.  Later a man claiming to be her father returned for her.   US Park Police, who are in charge of McPherson Square, described the scene where they found the little one. 
"Mid 40s, rainy, onesie, alone," Schlosser said, describing the circumstances that led police to arrest the man.
The child is with DC's child protective services; the alleged father charged with attempted second-degree cruelty to children. 

Yep. That's the ninety-nine percent, apparently.

I guess what happens in Canada stays in Canada:

The Harper government has served notice that thousands of same-sex couples who flocked to Canada from abroad since 2004 to get married are not legally wed. 

But speaking in Halifax Thursday, the Prime Minister said the issue was not on the agenda for his majority Conservatives. “We have no intention of further re-opening or opening this issue,” Stephen Harper told reporters when asked about The Globe and Mail’s report. 

The reversal of federal policy is revealed in a document filed in a Toronto test case launched recently by a lesbian couple seeking a divorce. Wed in Toronto in 2005, the couple have been told they cannot divorce because they were never really married – a Department of Justice lawyer says their marriage is not legal in Canada since they could not have lawfully wed in Florida or England, where the two partners reside.

Will no one boycott these "homophobic" countries? Or will someone point out what a three-ring circus marriage has become for special-interest groups and other overgrown children who don't understand the value the traditional family has?

Harper has shown how politically cowardly cautious he is.

Well, gee, Japan. What were you waiting for?

Finance Minister Jun Azumi said Thursday that Japan will cut its Iranian oil imports in line with U.S. sanctions against Tehran for its nuclear development program, although Tokyo expressed concern about the possible negative impact on the global economy from the U.S. action.

He didn't want to get sand ticks or cooties or whatever pest that is common there:

Michael Hastings’ new book, The Operators, jabs at what could be a vulnerable spot for the Obama Administration, the president’s relationship with the troops.
The book describes a visit to Baghdad:
After the talk, out of earshot from the soldiers and diplomats, he starts to complain. He starts to act very un-Obamalike, according to a U.S. embassy official who helped organize the trip in Baghdad.
He’s asked to go out to take a few more pictures with soldiers and embassy staffers. He’s asked to sign copies of his book. “He didn’t want to take pictures with any more soldiers; he was complaining about it,” a State Department official tells me. “Look, I was excited to meet him. I wanted to like him. Let’s just say the scales fell from my eyes after I did. These are people over here who’ve been fighting the war, or working every day for the war effort, and he didn’t want to take fucking pictures with them?”

 Visit this site. You know you want to.

Read this. It is true that pro-life activists have gone undercover and caught Planned Parenthood facilities covering up things like child sexual abuse. I believe the tactics employed by CTV were done to discredit the pregnancy centre. Well, CTV,  do your worst. You can`t cover up things like maternal mortality rates , illegal abortions being performed, lying to teen-agers and abortion-related injuries.

(With thanks enough to go around)

And now, an unusual toaster, awesome toques and super-happy-fun pools.

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Anonymous said...

Someone once said that gay "marriage" wouldn't ruin traditional marriage or families. Divorce had already done so.

If gays can be "married" under the law, then divorce under the law should extend to them as well. It will underscore what a farce the whole thing was, and in deed, the entire concept of legal marriage is in the first place.

~Your Brother~