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Fresh from killing Nigerian Christians, Islamic terrorists kill eight patrons at a beer parlour:

Gunmen from a radical Islamist group opened fire Tuesday night at a beer parlour in northeast Nigeria, killing eight people including four police officers as part of their ongoing sectarian battle against the oil-rich nation's government, authorities said.

The shootings come as the sect known as Boko Haram has promised to target Christians in Nigeria's Muslim north, expanding its campaign of assassinations and bombings. The sect is blamed by the government for killing at least 63 people in less than week, according to an Associated Press count, as it continues its campaign to impose strict Islamic — or Shariah — law across the multiethnic nation of more than 160 million people.

Tuesday night's attack occurred in the town of Potiskum in Yobe state. Local police commissioner Tanko Lawan said the six gunmen began shooting as patrons drank beer, which the local Shariah law technically opposes, though bars remain open for those living there.

"We didn't confront the gunmen at the beer parlour," Lawan said. "Any police that goes there went on his own."

Boko Haram, whose name means "Western education is sacrilege" in the local Hausa language, is blamed for at least 510 killings last year alone, according to an AP count. In a recent attack, it killed 20 Christian Igbo traders holding a meeting in Nigeria's northeast.

The group also claimed credit for attacks that killed at least 42 people in Christmas Day strikes that included the bombing of a Catholic church near Abuja. The group also claimed an August suicide car bombing that targeted the U.N. headquarters in the capital, killing 25 people and wounding more than 100.

You have to wonder about people who hate beer. But, then again, these are social retards who hate a plethora of things and people. At least the Nigerian Christians stand up for themselves because the smug white liberals won't.

Syrian President Bashar Assad promises to crush rebellion. What a surprise:

By turns defiant and threatening, President Bashar Assad vowed Tuesday to use an "iron hand" to crush what he called the terrorists and saboteurs behind Syria's 10-month-old uprising in which thousands of people have been killed.

In his first speech since June, Assad showed a steely confidence in the face of the uprising, one of the bloodiest of the Arab Spring. But opponents called it a rambling address by a leader who is dangerously out of touch.

Assad repeated his past claims that a foreign conspiracy and terrorists are driving the revolt, not peaceful protesters seeking to reform the country.

"We will not be lenient with those who work with outsiders against the country," Assad said in a nearly two-hour speech at Damascus University in a conference hall packed with cheering supporters. He also issued a veiled threat against those who have yet to choose sides.

"Those who stand in the middle are traitors," Assad said, flanked by Syrian flags. "There is no alternative."
The conflict in Syria is entering a new and heightened phase, with army defectors and some members of the opposition increasingly turning their weapons on government targets. The regime, in turn, has intensified an already deadly military assault, and a U.N. official said Tuesday that about 400 people have been killed in the last three weeks alone, on top of an earlier U.N. estimate of more than 5,000 dead since March.

He also added the Death Star would be quite operational. Alright- he didn't, but it sounds like something he might say.

Rebel scum!

From the hostess with the mostest:

Greek disability groups are angry about a government decision to expand a list of state-recognised disabilities to include pedophiles, exhibitionists and kleptomaniacs. The National Confederation of Disabled People (NCDP) calls the action "incomprehensible", and says pedophiles are now awarded higher government disability pay than diabetics needing insulin injections. The Labour Ministry said categories added to the expanded list - that also includes pyromaniacs, compulsive gamblers, fetishists and sadomasochists - were included for purposes of medical assessment and used as a gauge for allocating financial assistance.

There are liberals and predators quietly applauding this, I'm sure of it.

The ancient Greeks considered pedophilia as "normal" and now, one can get compensated for it, no matter how bankrupt (morally as well as financially, it would seem) the country is.

Tony Clement isn't just right; he's super-right:

Treasury Board President Tony Clement apologized for calling a 15-year-old Parry Sound, Ont. boy a "jack ass" on Twitter after getting into an online spat over a spelling mistake on the social media site.

Keith Pettinger, a student at Parry Sound High School, sent a message to Clement on Saturday evening after he wrote, "Coach's Corner gave me a lot to think about tonite."

Pettinger wrote: "@TonyclementCPC would you like to come to Parry Sound High School on Monday with me and learn how to tonight properly?" 

He later asked "if you can't spell how can you run Canada's treasury?"

In a private message sent on Sunday, Clement shot back at Pettinger's own apparent spelling mistakes before issuing the insult.

"Ha ha ur fnny," Clement wrote, followed by" "It's ‘don't know', not "dunno". Jack ass."

Pettinger offered an apology for calling Clement out, adding that he just wanted someone involved with spending Canada's money to know how to spell properly.

Pettinger later sent copies of the private conversation to the media, saying he found the message "uncalled for and rude."

I'm not going to excuse the actions of a grown man but I wouldn't let some pimply-faced kid take me to task on anything. Teen-agers ARE jack@$$es. Yes, yes, there are some nice kids (disclaimer) but, by and large, you have spoiled, uncontrollable little monsters who have the literacy skills of a turnip. Maybe THEY should apologise for their incessant rudeness, anti-social behaviour, making noise and getting up during a movie and their crappy choices in hairstyles, clothes and music. Then we turn our rage on the parents....

Now, it's honey badger time:

A group of ultra-conservative Salafis got more than they bargained for after bursting into a beauty salon in the Egyptian town of Benha in an attempt to enforce “God’s law” on the women inside reported the online newspaper, Bikya Masr.

The women were told to stop what they were doing or face physical punishment from the group.

But instead of complying out of fear, or calling for help, the women took matters into their own hands by striking back.

They beat and whipped the vigilante gang “with their own canes before kicking them out to the street in front of an astonished crowd of onlookers,” Egyptian online newspaper, Bikya Masr, reported

Islamist/hijab-apologists unite:

Hundreds of Muslims have protested outside a Buddhist school in Bangkok, Thailand. The organization named Muslims for Peace is upset at Wat Nonjok secondary school for its refusal to allow a Muslim student to wear the hijab.

The Muslim organization claims that several teachers have refused to teach the 18 year-old student or to allow her to enter the school building, because of hijab.

Muslims for Peace have called on Thailand’s Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra to intervene.

It's  not a white Western Christian organisation. It's an Asian Buddhist one. Yet, Islamists are involved. How can the apologist take a stand on this?

A must-watch on the Ukrainian famine.

Because he's Ezra Levant:

"Today, the federal government panel reviewing the proposed Northern Gateway oil pipeline to the west coast begins its public hearings. Over 4,500 people — including many foreigners, and even minor children — have registered to testify, just to gum up the procedure.

Sheila Leggett, the clueless bureaucrat running the review, has lost control of the process. Instead of weeding out irrelevant, repetitive and non-Canadian witnesses, she unilaterally declared she'd add on an entire extra year of hearings so that every single man, woman and elementary school child in the world can use the review as some sort of political soapbox. Canada's economic development and thousands of jobs will take a back seat to Leggett's personal Oprah Winfrey Show.

Fortunately, adult supervision has arrived in the form of Joe Oliver, the National Resources minister. Yesterday he announced that if Leggett won't protect the integrity of the review from foreign-funded environmental extremists, he will.

"These groups threaten to hijack our regulatory system to achieve their radical ideological agenda," Oliver wrote in a public letter. "They seek to exploit any loophole they can find, stacking public hearings with bodies to ensure that delays kill good projects. They use funding from foreign special interest groups to undermine Canada's national economic interest."

Unless anti-oil activists can produce an affordable, practical and relatively low-output form of energy, I suggest they learn how to deal with the vast amounts of oil we have (that the US, for some reason, doesn't want).

Because he's Dennis Prager:

Only a fool believes that all those with whom he differs are bad people. Moreover, just about all of us live the reality — often within our own families — of knowing good and loving people with whom we strongly differ on political, religious, social, and economic issues.

That said, I have come to believe that the more committed one is to leftism, the more likely one is to become meaner.

Two examples in just the past week offer compelling evidence.

Prominent left-wing commentators used the way in which Rick Santorum and his wife handled the death of one of their children to attack — make that mock — the former Pennsylvania senator....

Because leftism fills many of its adherents with contempt and hatred. It takes a person of great character and self-control to continually imbibe and mouth the mantras of the Left — that everyone on the right is SIXHIRB: Sexist, Intolerant, Xenophobic, Homophobic, Islamophobic, Racist, and Bigoted — and not become a meaner human being. If I believed just about everyone with left-wing views was despicable, I would be meaner, too.


It's like "Hope and Change" but in North Korea and after the disappointment, you get shot:

The JoongAng Daily said Kim Jong Un ordered “immediate executions when people are caught trying to cross the borders.” There were also reports that Kim gave the order to a special security squad of the Korean People’s Army under his direct control, authorizing them to shoot defectors on the spot.

So I guess there won't be a tone change in the new regime.

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And now, fun with optical illusions.

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"Greek disability groups are angry about a government decision to expand a list of state-recognised disabilities to include pedophiles, exhibitionists and kleptomaniacs."

Maybe they should live in Greece, since that has been part of their culture since the dawn of the written word.

~Your Brother~