Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday Freakout

Someone will turn one hundred and forty-six on Monday.

Section 13 is gone.

Why Celebrity Apartheid Week matters:

‘Almost all of my best friends are gay’; Alec Baldwin’s wife defends ‘queen’ slur

Hollywood is expected to play a role in ObamaCare's rollout, with several celebrities being asked to promote the already passed legislation in the months to come and industry players potentially adding pro-ObamaCare plots into their stories.
 Now that industry types have read some of the fine print, they're realizing Obama's health reform may chase productions out of the country.

We can't all be criminal masterminds:

A Southington, Conn., man who allegedly stole a woman’s clutch wallet in Dorchester left his birth certificate and a letter from his mother behind at the scene of the crime, making him an easy target for police, the Boston police said today.

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Anonymous said...

"Someone will turn one hundred and forty-six on Monday."

Is it Abe Vigoda?

Harold Hecuba