Wednesday, June 05, 2013

The IRS Timeline


January 2009-November 2012: former IRS commissioner Douglas Shulman visited the White House at least one hundred and fifty-seven times.

March 2010: the Cincinnati unit of the Internal Revenue Service began  targetting Tea Party and other related groups requesting 501(c) or tax-exempt status. By June 2010, eighteen groups were so identified. Questions regarding their activities, social media and even prayers were asked.

March 31st, 2010: Obama met with Colleen Kelley, union boss for the IRS. According to the Inspector-General's report, this was one day before the targetting began. She was then appointed to the Federal Salary Council after which raises were then issued.

June 2011: the IRS officials had knowledge that for over a year their agents deliberately targeted Tea Party-related and conservative groups:

Further, an early timeline of events compiled by the inspector general and obtained by CNN indicates the agency's practice of singling out conservative groups began as early as March 2010, and in July of that year, unidentified managers within the agency "requested its specialists to be on the lookout for tea party applications." In August, specialists were warned to be on the lookout for "various local organizations in the tea party movement" applying for tax-exempt status. The specific criteria would change several times over the next two years, according to a portion of the report.

May 2013: Steven Miller, the former head of the IRS, called the targetting and questioning of conservative groups by agents "foolish mistakes" at a congressional hearing.

June 4th, 2013: testimony given by groups specifically targetted by the IRS was given scant coverage. It was called "political theatre" by Congressman Jim McDermott. The testimony of six witnesses in particular was criticised by him.

The saga goes on...

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