Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Thanks For the Memories

One should thank outgoing former premier and MPP Dalton McGuinty for the following:

-raising taxes (which he pledged not to do) and putting Ontario in debt. The debt now stands at $272 billion  with interest costs of $10.6 billion yearly.

-rejecting tax credits (ie- for winter tires) that would reduce burdens on Ontarians.

-Ontario now has some of the highest energy costs in the entire country. "Green energy" costs the average household $310 a year.

- the costly eHealth scandal


- he broke promises to give funding for autistic students

-cancelled gas plants in Oakville and Mississauga, lied about it and had deleted e-mails to that effect, all at the cost of $828 million.

-forced Catholic schools to teach an immoral, inappropriate and unnecessary sex education program as well as pushed for ludicrous and obviously partisan anti-bullying laws and GSAs

Does that cover the entirety of McGuinty's ruination of Ontario? Perhaps not. The scorecard on this toad could run for days.

Let him leave and have him take that frightful Wynne with him.

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