Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Make Way For Tuesday's Post!

And here it is....

You can run from the legislature but you can't run away from the truth:

Former Ontario premier Dalton McGuinty will resign his seat in the legislature Wednesday, according to government sources, despite saying just last month that he would remain the MPP for Ottawa-South until the next general election.

Will his resignation make it easier to prosecute him? I hope so.

I wonder who is reading this?

Canada's government on Monday declined to say whether it was using data gathered by a secret U.S. government eavesdropping program, but confirmed its own secret signals intelligence agency was monitoring foreign phone and internet traffic.

If monitoring every form of communication and social media is meant to deter, prevent or punish terrorism, then do explain its (in)efficacy. Or should I be asking why no one takes a hardline against people who are obviously to dangerous to be tolerated in the West?

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Vaguely related: an Islamic institution wants the successor of Saint Peter to declare that a heresy a peaceful one:

An envoy from Al-Azhar in Cairo, raised the prospect of restoring ties with the Vatican yesterday but called on Pope Francis to take “a step forward” by declaring that Islam is a peaceful religion.

If it's such a hellhole, why did you go there?

A newlywed Ontario bride is frantically trying to free her husband and his cousin from a Dominican Republic jail "hellhole"— and she says she's left doing it with next to no help from the Canadian government.

I didn't realise it was the Canadian government's job to prevent people from doing stupid things like take cheap vacations on the backs of others.

What consular services cannot do for you:

  • interfere in private legal matters, including criminal defence cases, or in another country’s judicial affairs
  • seek preferential treatment for you or try to exempt you from the due process of local law
  • get you out of jail
  • post bail or pay legal fees or fines
Moving on....

Let's chuck the stupid Charter and elect our judges:

Two years after a riot in Vancouver made international headlines, charges have been approved against 229 people while 56 accused rioters are still waiting to learn if they'll be charged.

B.C.'s Criminal Justice Branch says that so far, police have recommended charges against a total of 325 people and that charges were not approved against 40 of them.

To date, 149 people suspected of participating in the riot have entered guilty pleas and 102 of them have received sentences ranging from discharges to more than a year in jail.

This all occurred two years ago. What's the hold-up?

The next time someone tells you birth control is so harmless that it can be given to a child, tell them to cram it:

The popular birth-control pills Yaz and Yasmin have been linked to the deaths of at least 23 Canadian women —the youngest just age 14, Health Canada documents say.

The deaths are among about 600 adverse reactions reported among women taking the contraceptives between 2007 and Feb. 28 of this year, Health Canada confirmed Tuesday.

Doctors and pharmacists who submitted the reports to the Canada Vigilance Program said Yaz and Yasmin are suspected in the 23 deaths. The reports say most of the women died suddenly after developing blood clots, a known risk with the pills.

Since 2007, Health Canada said the program has received reports of adverse reactions among 333 women taking Yasmin and 267 women prescribed Yaz.

Among those cases were 15 deaths linked to Yasmin and eight to Yaz. More than half of the women who died were under age 26, with the youngest being a 14-year-old girl. Most deaths reportedly occurred soon after the women starting taking the drugs.

And now, The League of Grumpy Justice. Enjoy.

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