Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Another Bite At the Apple

On Saturday, George Zimmerman was acquitted on charges of murder and manslaughter.

He resides in a state that allows a citizen to use force, even deadly force, against another who is attacking him.

Now, Attorney-General Eric Holder, caught lying about the "Fast and Furious" scandal, refused to hand over documents regarding the gun-walking scheme and who was protected by executive privilege by President Obama, has set up a tips hotline in order to build a federal case against George Zimmerman:

On Monday afternoon, the US Department of Justice appealed to civil rights groups and the general public across the country for “tips” on George Zimmerman in their pursuit of potential federal civil rights charges against the just-acquitted defendant in the Trayvon Martin killing. The DOJ actually went so far as to set up an e-mail address to allow such tips: Sanford.florida@usdoj.gov. The email address is slated to go operational by the end of the week.

The US Constitution does not allow further criminal proceedings against one who has already been tried and acquitted. The prosecution's case against Zimmerman was weak, at best. It is a wonder what anyone wishing to further prosecute Zimmerman has. I guess that is what the tips hotline is for. How many riots, violence, road blockages and angry social media have there been after the trial? What does Holder expect to uncover that the police and a trial have not?

But this is not about fairness. This is a witch-hunt, worthy of a Salem witch trial. Black Americans are more likely to be victims of violent crime by other black Americans. Where is the outcry? Does it not bother one, for example, that a grandmother strangled her eight year old granddaughter and left her to die? Who is wearing a hoody for Gizzell Ford? Who is pursuing a case against not only the grandmother but the social and moral laziness that allowed an entire community to become fractured? Obama and Holder have been quite astute in divisions, particularly racial ones (whose son was Trayvon, anyway?), and nothing serves to divide and distract (SEE: BENGHAZI, IRS, AP, NSA, BAD ECONOMY) like a good, old-fashioned race war. If George Zimmerman must be the sacrificial lamb for this appalling case of racial hucksterism, so be it. Let the justice system regress if appeals to the mob.

And let the real criminals get away with it.

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