Monday, July 15, 2013

It Happened On A Monday

As is possible....

While those seeking a cause that intensifies their self-loathing or need to feel a part of something droned on about some kid who got shot after attempting to smash a man's head into the cement, other kids no one cares about were killed and a couple of teen-agers' bravery went largely unnoticed:

A missing Lancaster Township girl is safe after two teens heroically saved her from an abductor Thursday night, said Manheim Township Police. 

"Me and Chris, which is another boy who helped me, we were riding around," on our bikes, said Temar Boggs. "We noticed his car and the car had the little girl in it."

That little girl was 5-year-old Jocelyn Rojas, who was playing outside of her home on the 100 block of Jennings Drive around 4:30 p.m. on Thursday when she was snatched from her front yard, police said.

When Roja's mother realized she was missing, she immediately called police.

"It's something you don't wish on anybody," said Roja's grandmother Tracey Clay. "Horrible, horrible thoughts flashed through my mind."

A picture of Jocelyn was released to the public as police, firefighters and K-9 officers searched for her. News of the kidnapping weighed heavy on Boggs' mind. 

So he and a friend set out to search for her.

Around 6:48 p.m., the boys spotted a maroon or burgundy colored sedan, possibly a Chevy, on Betz Farm Lane, with a girl matching Rojas' description. 

According to the teens the driver was a male, approximately 50 to 70-years-old. 

They followed the vehicle for about 15 minutes before it stopped in the 1700 block of Betz Farm Lane. 

"If he wasn't gonna stop, I was probably gonna jump in the middle of the car," said Boggs. "As soon as the guy started noticing that we were chasing him, he stopped at the end of the hill and let her out and she ran to me and said that she needed her mom."

Boggs took Rojas to police and she got her request: mom was on her way.

"He's our hero.  There's no words to say.  I'm so grateful," said Clay.

Boggs was just grateful he could help.

"[It fees] amazing.  Felt like I was on the best game of my life," he said.

Their bravery matters.

As long as it is not a pipeline:

While crews dig through oil-soaked rubble in search of human remains, residents are already thinking about reconstruction and the role of the railroad that has shaped the town's history.

A key question on many locals' minds is whether the railway, seen by some as a regional economic lifeline and by others as the "train from hell," should ever pass through the downtown area again.

Many residents here are quick to explain that they don't want the trains back.

Related: a woman and her boyfriend are saved by their unborn child:

Josee, a young mother-to-be, said her unborn child woke her up the night of the explosions. She then woke up her partner. She said they had seconds to act, but her partner wanted to head towards the flames and warn people to evacuate.

"I said if you go I go with you. We're a family and if you die I'm going to die with you," Josee said. They both decided to run from the flames to save their new family.


The cabinet shuffle is just a series of "talking heads"?

Perhaps Trudeau can spend less time hating a competent leader and tell the electorate what he would do differently, aside from being on Quebec's side?

(Thank you)

In this season of Ramadan, should not fellow Muslims be charitable, as is their duty?

Egyptian officials turn back a planeload of Syrians at Cairo airport. A popular presenter on Egyptian television warns Syrians to steer clear of protests or face the consequences. An Egyptian state school refuses admission to Syrian children.

I wouldn't consider the rape capital of North Africa to be a haven, either, but it's not like Syria is a bed of roses these days.

If you need a special package that says junk food is not good for you, you are done:

The Courier-Mail reported a panel at an Australian convention on food science and technology said plain packages on chips, among other junk food, might be necessary to fight obesity.

One can put the junk in any package one likes but if it is wanted so badly, it will be eaten. Why not enforce proper habits at home and screw the nanny state?

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