Sunday, July 14, 2013

There Is No Elephant In the Room

O Dio...

According the the wags and the hacks, the biggest political scandal one can lay at the feet of Prime Minister Stephen Harper is the Senate scandal:

A Nanos survey found 95 per cent of their respondents were aware of the Wright/Duffy scandal, and the latest Ipsos Reid survey suggests that 70 per cent of Canadians "disapprove of Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s handling of the affair."

The Prime Minister receives over 1 million letters and 1 million emails a year, according a 2007 story in the Toronto Star.

All of Stephen Harper's incoming correspondence is screened by a group of 35 people with only the "most pressing matters" going to the prime minister.

It's good to know that Canadians aren't a passive bunch.

(Sidebar: Yes they are. See below.)

The Senate, a relic from nineteenth century Britain, needs reforming but not removal if it benefits Quebec (eh, Shiny Pony?). Senator Mike Duffy has already repaid the $90,000 he owed (albeit from an inappropriate source). Now, the recent tragedy of the derailed train and firestorm in Lac Megantic, Quebec (the death toll of which has risen to 35) has prompted the NDP to make as much political hay out of the train tracks as they can, an odd stance given their anti-pipeline views. Has anyone been paying attention to what else has been going on in the country? Anyone? Wouldn't one agree that a man attached to the premier of a scandal-ridden province is now accused of producing and distributing the most vile muck involving children or that the leader of a major political party is not only an empty-suit but has taken money under the guise of "speaking fees"? Don't these things smack of bad ethics? Why the passivity?

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne is up to her neck in the cancelled gas plants scandal that cost Ontarians $585 million dollars (and let's not forget the deception) and has been advised by accused child pornographer Benjamin Levin. And I'm sure pretty boy Liberal leader Justin Trudeau, not above taking money from schools and charities, wishes he was never photographed with that (accused) pervert. Nary a word about David Suzuki's radical anti-immigration comments (or are they anti-Western? Hhmmm...?).

Canadians get the government they vote for. If they vote for a woman mired in a costly energy scandal and who developed and pushed for a graphic sex education program along side a man accused of horrendous crimes against children, what does it say about how they interpret character? What does it say about the electorate when a lush head of hair is more important than competent leadership? Whatever faults Harper and the Tories have, I can't imagine why a few wayward senators should be their downfall when perversion, theft and lies on the other side of the aisle don't merit a mention.

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